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Almost 100 I.S Terrorists Surrender At Afghanistan's Nangarhar

Almost 100 Islamic State Affiliated Terrorists surrendered in Afghanistan's Nangarhar on November 23. According to Chinese media, the militants were surrendered to officials of the Nangarhar General Directorate of Intelligence (GDI) at the provincial capital of Jalalabad city. The terrorists are reported to be active in the Mohmand Dara, Chaparhar, Kot, and Khogiani districts of Afghanistan." With the former insurgent's surrender, peace and… read-more

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Taliban Plans To Pay Afghan Government Employees' Past-Due Salary

The Taliban-controlled Afghanistan government said on November 20, that the administration will be paying government workers' past-due salaries. According to reports, thousands of Afghan government employees owed at least three months of salary, one of the Taliban's numerous problems since taking control of the nation in August. However, it is unclear from where the money would come from to pay wages...reports.

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Afghan children going to school.

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75% Girls Back To School In Afghanistan, Says Taliban

The Taliban controlled Afghanistan government claimed that 75% of girls resumed their studies in the country. Reportedly, the Taliban, after taking over the country, had shut down schools for thousands of girls, confining them to their homes. Earlier, the Ministry of education of Afghanistan led by the Taliban, had resumed schools with directives mentioning boys, making no reference to a return date for girls, as per reports.

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China Follows Pakistan; Skips Meet On Afghanistan Hosted By India

The Chinese government decided not to attend the National Security Agency level meet on Afghanistan on November 9, due to scheduling issues. However, It wants to engage India bilaterally on Afghanistan. The event is first ever organized by India, on the terrorism and security-related issues emerging from the Talibani captured Afghanistan. As Pakistan already rejected India's invitation, reports suggest that China's response may be due to its… read-more

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Taliban Mig

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Taliban Plans To Soon Build Its Own Air Force

The Taliban expressed their interest in building their own Air Force along with inventory and skillset among its rank. Reportedly, military academies and training have already begun in the country. The Taliban military will be equipped with the aircraft which were left over by the previous government. The Taliban is also working to establish its regime to work at full capacity before using a full air force. 

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Afghanistan army responding to taliban terrorirst

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Senior Taliban Commander Killed In Kabul Hospital Attack

Hamdullah Mokhlis, a Taliban military commander in Kabul, was killed when his men responded to an Islamic state attack on a hospital on November 2. Reportedly, Afghanistan's new rulers, as soon as they learned that the hospital is under attack, retaliated by deploying their special forces on the roof of the building in a helicopter. The Taliban militant leader was killed in a face-to-face gunfight, said the Taliban's official.

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Sirajuddin Haqqani

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Meet Sirajuddin Haqqani, Afghanistan's Most Important Minister

Taliban has appointed Sirajuddin Haqqani as the interior minister of Afghanistan. Reportedly, he is the head of Haqqani Network, a dangerous faction responsible for numerous attacks in Afghan, including the Indian embassy in 2008. However, his network controls the security of Kabul and has connections with Al-Qaida & ISKP, which also secure ties with ISI Pakistan. Moreover, he has been declared a global terrorist by the UNSC.

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Taliban Seeks China's Assistance To Rebuild Afghanistan

Following a possible economic collapse in Afghanistan due to the skirmishes lately, the Taliban is now seeking assistance from Beijing to rebuild Afghanistan. Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid stated that China is a partner as it is ready to invest and rebuild the country. Taliban also openly supported China's "One Road" Initiative as China stated it won't interfere with Afghanistan's Affairs. Taliban has showed interest in having good… read-more

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Taliban Lost Control Over Three District In Afghanistan

Afghanistan’s Pol-e-Hesar district of northern Baghlan province and also two other districts namely Deh Salah and Qasaan have been recaptured by the armed uprising. Former acting minister of defense Bismillah Muhammadi took to Twitter saying, “Resisting the Taliban terrorists is our duty # Pul-e-Hesar,  Deh Salah and Banu district in Baghlan have been occupied by the resistance forces. Resistance is still alive." 40 Taliban have been killed… read-more

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Swara Bhasker

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Swara Bhasker Compares Taliban To Hindutva; Tweet Creates Outrage

Actress Swara Bhasker has become the subject of controversy because of her tweet in which she compared Taliban terror to Hindutva terror. People majorly disapproved her tweet and soon after, #ArrestSwaraBhasker started to trend on Twitter. Many users replied to her tweet asking her to go to Afghanistan. Swara Bhasker's tweet has created such an outrage where people on social media were seen demanding for her arrest.

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