Monkeypox Virus

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US Reports Second Death Related To Monkeypox Virus

The United States of America has reported the second case of death due to Monkeypox virus. The death was reportedly caused due to inflammation of the brain. Similarly, two healthy men previously experienced inflammation in brain and spinal cord following Monkeypox infection. The first case of Monkeypox death occurred in the state of Texas on August 30. 

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Monkeypox Virus

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Over 30 Children Test Positive For Monkeypox In US: Report

At least 30 children in the United States of America have contracted the Monkeypox virus, according to local media reports. The Texas Department for State Health Services showed that there are at least nine pediatric cases in the state. Also notably, first death related to Monkeypox in the US was reported in Texas. The victim was reportedly an adult, living in Harris county. 

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Texas Truck Incident

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Death Toll Jumps To 51 Of Migrants Discovered Dead In Texas Truck Incident

After being left in a tractor-trailer without air conditioning in the oppressive Texas heat, 51 people perished. The truck driver and two other individuals were detained. The bodies were found when a city worker spotted the vehicle on the outskirts of San Antonio on June 27. At the scene, 46 persons were found deceased. Five other people died after being transported to hospitals. 

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Texas Truck

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Texas Migrants' Truck Found With 46 Dead, 16 Hospitalized, Including 4 Children

After being stranded in a tractor-trailer on a secluded back road in San Antonio, 46 people were found dead and sixteen people were hospitalized, including four children on June 27. This was the deadliest disaster involving migrants trafficked across the border from Mexico to the United States. According to San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg, the 46 people killed had “families who were likely trying to find a better life.” 

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Firearms Found

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Texas Student Carries Firearm Outside High School Day After Elementary School Mass Shooting

A juvenile has been arrested for carrying a deadly firearm outside a high school in Richardson city, a day after the mass elementary school shooting in Uvalde, Texas. Police were alerted after the boy was seen walking with a firearm. The police arrived and conducted a search and investigation. The boy was located inside the high school and the firearms were found in his car at the parking lot.

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Texas school

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Texas School Shooting Led To Deaths Of 19 Students, 2 Adults; Teen Shooter Killed

Teen shooter opened fire at an elementary school in Texas, killing at least 19 young children and two adults. It was the most dangerous school shooting in Uvalde, United States in years. Officers killed the shooter. "It's time to turn this pain into action for every parent, for every citizen of this country," Biden said. Flags were ordered to be flown at half-staff in honor of victims by White House. 

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Melanistic Alligator Gar

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US Fishermen Capture A Rare Black Melanistic Alligator Gar In Texas

Justin Jordan and Terrell Maguire of United States captured a rare melanistic alligator gar in Texas. The jet-black beast was roughly 5-feet tall and could reach "enormous lengths." Mr. Jordan posted images of the beast to social media, with some calling it a “creature from alien." They are rare and endangered, and their hue is generally dark green or olive. They can only be found in North and Central America. 

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US Supreme Court

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Facebook, Google, And Other IT Firms Demand Texas Social Media Law To Be Suspended

Lobbying organizations for Facebook, Twitter, Google, and other technology corporations filed an emergency plea with the US Supreme Court seeking to overturn a Texas law that forbids big social media platforms from excluding users based on their political beliefs. Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a Republican, signed it into law in September. US District Judge Robert Pitman determined that the measure would violate the free expression rights of… read-more

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Mark Cuban

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Billionaire Mark Cuban Buys Entire Town Of Mustang In Texas

Billionaire Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks bought the entire town of Mustang in Texas. Reportedly, the town was founded in the 1970s, with a population of 21 people; the town was put up for sale in 2017 for $4 million. Furthermore, the town also features a "resident alligator" in one of its ponds. "I don't know what if anything I will do with it," said Cuban. 

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Sherlock Holmes Manuscript

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Sherlock Holmes Original Manuscript Sold For $423,000 In US

The original handwritten manuscript of Sherlock Holmes novel 'The Hound of Baskervilles' page was sold for $423,000 to a private buyer by Heritage Auctions in Dallas. Reportedly, It was in a good condition and measured 20cm x 33cm. Only 37 such pages are left in existence in today's time because most of the pages disintegrated as it was acidic. The page is titled "Chapter XIII, Fixing the Nets".

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