Dalai Lama

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Chinese Leaders “Don’t Understand” Variety Of Cultures; Say’s Dalai Lama

Spiritual leader Dalai Lama slammed the Chinese leaders, saying they don’t understand the variety of different cultures. The spiritual leader was reported to be making these remarks in an online news conference of Al Jazeera, held in Tokyo. He further criticized Chinese leaders for being narrow-minded, applauded “India” as a center of religious harmony. Furthermore, the leader said he had no plans to meet Chinese president, Xi Jin Ping.

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Students undergoing military training

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China Thrusts Military Training On Tibetan Students During Their Vacay

According to a report, China is now forcing Tibetian school students to undergo mandatory military training during their vacations. Reportedly, Beijing is trying to subdue their cultural ties with the move by sending them to training camps built in southern Tibet's Nyingtri. Meanwhile, a researcher at Tibet Policy Institute based in India, Karma Tenzin said, ''This is China's attempt to brainwash young Tibetans through, carrying out programs… read-more

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India-China's hotline

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Indian Army, China's PLA Set Up Sixth Hotline To Enhance Peace

A hotline was instituted between the Indian Army in Kongara La, North Sikkim, and the People's Liberation Army of China at Khamba Dzong in Tibetan Autonomous Region after the positive outcome from the meeting. The announcement was made on August 1. "The hotline would further the spirit of trust and cordial relations along the borders," the Indian Army said. This marks the sixth hotline between the two countries.

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President Xi visits Tibet

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Xi Jinping Marks His First Official Visit To Tibet As President

China's President Xi Jinping became the first Chinese leader in many years to visit Tibet and other Southeastern border regions with India. In its official visit Jinping reportedly drove to the Nyang bridge of the Yarlung Zangbo River and Nyingchi town and inspected the newly built Sichuan-Tibet first fast train line in Tibet. His last visit to the Tibet Autonomous Region was in 2011 when he was China’s vice president.

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Penpa Tsering.

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New Tibetan Prez Says, Open To Reaching Out To China To Solve Dispute

Penpa Tsering took oath as the President of the government-in-exile of Tibet on May 27 in Dharmsala. After sworn as Sikyong, Penpa said that he will reach out to the Chinese government for a mutually beneficial agreement on the long-standing dispute. Penpa added that China’s May 21 issued white paper had nothing new on Tibet. Notably, rejecting the Tibetan government-in-exile, China has not engaged in Sino-Tibet dialogues since 2010.

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Penpa Tsering

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Tibet's President-Elect Warns World On Cultural Genocide By China

Tibet's President-elect Penpa Tsering on May 21 warned about the cultural genocide caused by China. Saying that ‘time is running out,” the India-exiled president asked the international community to take action before the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Tsering said he is not against multi-culturalism but resists getting overwhelmed by single majority. The locals cited promotion of Han immigration, restrictions on religion, language education… read-more

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Dalai Lama

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Dalai Lama Donates To PM Cares Fund To Help Fight Against Pandemic

Tibetan Buddhist monk and spiritual leader Dalai Lama on April 27 donated to the PM Cares fund to support India's struggle in the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. He said that the donation through Dalai Lama Trust's will mark as a symbol of solidarity between India and Tibet. Praying for India's COVID-19 crisis to end soon, he highlighted the country's efforts to curb the pandemic. 

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Tibetans Vote From 26 Nations To Elect Next Sikyong (President)

Around 1.3 lakh Tibetans living in 26 countries on April 11 casted their vote to elect Sikyong (President) and 45 members for the Dharamshala-based parliament-in-exile. The eligible nominees included Pempa Tsering and Aukatsang Kelsang Dorjee for the post of Sikyong. While the results are slated to be declared on May 14, the elected representative would be responsible to provide democratic governance to exiled Tibetans.

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Chinese flag

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China Plans To Become The Largest Producer Of Hydro-Electricity

China is planning to build a huge dam in the Tibet area of Brahmaputra river producing thrice the hydro-electricity extracted from the Three Gorges. The set-up is expected to produce 300 billion kilowatts of electricity each year. Reportedly, this can potentially affect the water supply of the entire South Asia. However, the Tibetan people raised their concern as a huge section of their ecological location would get submerged.

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China approves Major Dam Project Near Arunachal Pradesh

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China Approves Major Hydropower Dam Project Near Arunachal Pradesh

The Chinese parliament has approved the construction of a hydropower plant on the banks of Yarlung Zangbo River in Tibet close to the Arunachal Pradesh border. Supported by the National People’s Congress as a part of the country’s 14th five-year plan, the dam will produce three-times hydropower than China’s Three Gorges Dam – the largest in the world. While the river flows through Arunachal, Assam and Bangladesh, the Chinese officials claim… read-more

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