Tamil Stone Tablet

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Archeologists Find 1038 AD Stone Tablet With Tamil Vatteluttu Inscriptions: Tiruppur

Archaeologists in Tamil Nadu's Paranchervazhi village in Kangayam, have found a stone tablet with Tamil Vatteluttu script inscribed on it. The tablet belonging to 1038 AD, has a height of 90 cm and width of 30 cm. It contains 17 lines referring to the offering of grants to a Shiva temple or Jain temple in the Chola dynasty. The tablet also mentions the name of ruler Vikrama Chozhan's father Kokalimoorkkan.

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Textile Production

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Textile Manufacturers Go On Strike Against Rising Cotton & Yarn Prices: Tamil Nadu

Textile production units have halted in Karur and Tiruppur, and the manufacturers have gone on a strike demanding the centre to arrest the rising prices of cotton and yarn. On May 17, 70% of garment production units were shut in Tiruppur. In Karur, around 800 home textile manufacturing units were shut. Reportedly, cotton now costs Rs 1 lakh per candy (356 kg), which was Rs 57,000 in September, 2021.

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One Arrested Over Hoax Bomb Threat To Tripura Railway Station

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Tamil Nadu Man Arrested For Making Hoax Call To Bomb Tiruppur Railway Station

Tamil Nadu police have arrested a man for making a hoax call on bombing the Tiruppur Railway Station on December 10. Earlier the local police was informed about the bomb planted at the railway station through ‘108’ state ambulance helpline. Team of 50 policemen along with the Railway Protection Force started investigation but failed to trace any evidence. However, the interrogation is still going on.

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