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Turkey-Syria Earthquake Death Toll Rises To 7,400

The Syria-Turkey Earthquake death toll continues to rise and has reached over 7,300 till February 8. Yesterday, the region witness five extreme jolts of the earthquake, which left thousands of people injured, buildings and property damaged, with the loss of several lives. Many people are freezing with no shelter or aid. Furthermore, the Turkey Disaster Management, with the help of Indian forces are continuing rescue operations and help those… read-more

Wed, 08 Feb 2023 - 09:58 AM / by Varsha Joshi

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Syria-Turkey Earthquake

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Syria-Turkey Earthquake; Death Toll Rises To 4,000

The Indian Government send its first batch of aid to Istanbul, extending help to handle the severe consequences of the Syria-Turkey earthquake. the two earthquakes in the Syria-Turkey regions killed over 4,000 people and left many injured, with several building collapses and property damaged. The rescue operation under disaster management is underway and the death toll is expected to rise further.

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PM Narendra Modi

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PM Narendra Modi Expresses Grief For Loss Of Lives In Turkey Earthquake

PM Narendra Modi expressed his condolences in the Turkey earthquake and loss of lives. On February 6, taking to Twitter, PM Modi said, "Anguished by the loss of lives and damage of property due to the Earthquake in Turkey. India stands in solidarity with the people of Turkey and is ready to offer all possible assistance." In Turkey earthquake, over 360 people lost their lives.read-more

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Tayyip Erdogan

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Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan Raises Kashmir Issue At UNGA; Says, India-Pak Not At Peace

Addressing at the 77th session of UNGA in New York, Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan said that India and Pakistan “have not established peace between them yet”. This has come as he raided the border issue of India’s Kashmir. He then considered the situation “unfortunate”, and hoped that peace will be established soon. Notably, Erdogan met PM Modi on the sideline of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Summit on September 16.

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Turkish Consulate in Iraq

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Turkish Consulate In Iraq Attacked; No Causalities Reported

Turkey's Consulate in Iraq was attacked on July 27, however no casualties were reported. The Turkish Foreign Ministry condemned the attack, and said that those responsible should be punished. The Ministry also requested the Iraqi officials to "fulfil their responsibilities in protecting diplomatic and consular missions", reported… read-more

Thu, 28 Jul 2022 - 06:41 PM / by Shibu Immanuel S

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Turkey Coup 2016

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Turkey Issues Warrants Against 28 Suspects Over 2016 Coup

Arrest warrants have been issued by Turkish prosecutors against 28 suspects over alleged connection to a network suspected to have orchestrated the coup attempt in 2016. The Turkish government has accused the Gulen movement of infiltrating into the state and attempting a coup in 2016. US-based Gulen has been accused for masterminding the 2016 coup, which resulted in the death of at least 250 people. 

Tue, 10 May 2022 - 09:03 PM / by Shibu Immanuel S

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Astana Talks in Kazakhstan

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Kazakhstan To Hold Astana Talks On Syria After Dec 20

The next round of the Astana talks on Syria is set to be held in Kazakhstan after December 20. The Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Kazakhstan, Mukhtar Tleuberdi stated that both the Astana process and a meeting of the foreign ministers of Russia, Turkey, and Iran would be hosted by Nur-Sultan. Kazakhstan said that only Russia has sent an official note to attend the talk so far. 

Tue, 16 Nov 2021 - 10:03 PM / by Nehal Surana

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Turkey Records 25,528 Covid-19 Cases; Total Tally Surpasses 79 Lakh

According to the Health Ministry of Turkey, the country reported 25,528 fresh Coronavirus cases on October 28, taking its total number of cases to more than 7,961,000. Furthermore, the death tally reached 69,998,  while 27,651 people recovered in the last 24 hours. However, over 55.33 million individuals have been vaccinated with their first dose, while more than 48.5 million individuals have been vaccinated with their second.

Fri, 29 Oct 2021 - 11:28 AM / by Nehal Surana

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Financial Action Task Force (FATF) meet.

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FATF Puts Pakistan, Turkey, Jorden & Mali On Its 'Grey List'

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) again put Pakistan on its 'Grey List' of counties for not completing four actions items on October 21. The position will make it difficult for Pakistan to get monetary help from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank, and the European Union. The FATF also placed Turkey, Jordan, and Mali on the list. Notably, Pakistan has been on the list since 2018.

Fri, 22 Oct 2021 - 01:10 PM / by Brijesh Goswami

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Turkish protesters

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Thousand Maskless Protestors' Opposes Covid-19 Norms: Istanbul

Nearly 2000 Turks were protesting against the Covid-19 obligations announced by the Turkish government in Istanbul on Sept 11. Reportedly, the protesters were maskless, shouting slogans, holding placards, the Turkish Flag, and singing songs in the name of personal rights. The hashtag "Martepe is everywhere, Resistance is Everywhere" is trending in Turkey. Protestors said, “We oppose all these obligations...I think the vaccine is not perfect,… read-more

Mon, 13 Sep 2021 - 12:17 PM / by Balaji L

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