Typhoon Nanmadol

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Typhoon Nanmadol: Parts Of Japan Flooded, 60 Injured, Power Cut

The situation in Japan due to Typhoon Nanmadol continues to stay grim as of September 19. A typhoon-induced landfall in the Kyushu region has caused floods with raging water flow. Reportedly, the typhoon was packed with sustained winds of 108 kmph and gusts up to 162 kmph. According to local media reports, over 60 persons have been injured, and tens of thousands of people spent their nights at public places. 

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 Typhoon Rai in the Philippines

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Philippines Super Typhoon Rai Death Toll Rises To 31

Death toll due to Typhoon Rai in the Philippines rose to 31 from the previous 19, reported local media on December 18. Visayas and Mindanao area witnessed a typhoon, leaving several injured and property damage worth $3.5 million. Nearly 3,32,000 people were evacuated from the region, said the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council spokesperson Mark Timbal. He said, identities of four out of 31 was confirmed.

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Philippines: Typhoon Molave Wreaks Havoc, Displaces 25000 Villagers

Typhoon Molave has hit villages in the southern Philippines on October 26, leaving around 25000 villagers displaced. The typhoon had gusts of up to 180Kph while moving westwards at 25Kph. The Office of Civil Defense reported that government schools and buildings have been turned into evacuation centers and about 20,000 people have taken shelter in them. According to forecasts, the typhoon will now make its way towards South China Sea.

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Typhoon Haishen now hits Ulsan city of South Korea

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Typhoon Haishen Disrupts Normal Life in South Korea

On September 7, Typhoon Haishen made landfall near South Korea's Ulsan. The typhoon cut transportation services in the city and stopped the operations of two nuclear reactors. Reportedly, on September 6, the typhoon crossed Japan's Kyushu Island. It injured 50 people and disconnected electricity to over five lakh households.

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Over 227,000 houses in Japan are without electricity due Typhoon Haishen

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Japan: Typhoon Haishen Causes Blackout to 227,000 Houses in Kyushu Islands

According to the Kyushu Electric Power Company, Typhoon Haishen has caused blackout to more than 227,000 homes in the southern part of Japan's Kyushu region on September 6. It is also considered to be the strongest typhoon to hit Japan in decades. Around 1.8 million people have been ordered to evacuate the area affected and move to the safer lands.

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Crew member rescued by Japanese Coastguards

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Cargo Ship Carrying 6,000 Cattle Along with 43 Crew Members Falls Prey to Typhoon

Gulf Livestock 1, a Panamanian livestock cargo vessel is feared being capsized in the storm of the East China Sea. The ship carrying 43 crew members and 5,867 cattle left Napier on August 14, and after a 17-day journey, was expected to reach China. Experiencing heavy winds and rain from typhoon Maysak, the crew sent a distress call. Reportedly, in a search organised by the Japanese coastguards, one chief crew member was rescued.

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Northern part of Kyushu warned to receive Typhoon Maysak

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Japan: Powerful Typhoon 'Maysak' to Hit Northern Island of Kyushu

Japan's Meteorological Agency (JMA) on September 2, announced that typhoon 'Maysak' will be hitting the Nagasaki region towards the northern part of Japan's island Kyushu. According to the weather department, the typhoon has already hammered the southern part of Japan, Okinawa, injuring eight people. It is moving towards the north at a speed of 15 km/hr and regions like Shikoku, Kyushu and Tokai, will receive heavy rainfall within 24 hours.… read-more

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