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Unidentified Flying Object Spotted By BSF At International Border: Jammu

BSF officials spotted an Unidentified Flying Object in the Kanacahk sector at Jammu's international border and fired at it, on August 1. According to the BSF officials, the object had blinking lights, and tried to cross the International Border (IB) at around 9:31 pm. Following the incident, the area is on high alert, and a search has been initiated. There have been various instances of drone spotted in the IB.

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US Intelligence Report Addresses UFO's Mysterious Sightings

Office at the Director of National Intelligence in a recent report over the UFO's sightings could only explain one out of the 144 sightings between 2004-2021. The report did not explicitly speak of extraterrestrial life but did not deny its existence either. The report, however, stated that these sightings could "pose a challenge to US national security." It also said that pilots are not equipped to identify unusual ariel objects.

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Pyramid shaped objects hovering above USS Russell

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Mysterious UFO-Like Objects Captured On Video By US Navy Personnel

The US Navy's Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force has captured a night-vision video of three faint orbs and a triangular object flying above military vessel USS Russell.  Reportedly, the video clip was used in filmmaker Jeremy Corbell's documentary “Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers". Corbell confirmed that the video was shot by the US Navy. Interestingly, he also shared images of an unidentified “spherical” craft captured by… read-more

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