Leaders of the G7 summit questioned China's human rights violations and received a hostile response.

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China Accuses G7 Of 'Political Manipulation' Following Xinjiang Criticism

China accused the G7 of "political manipulation" on June 14 after the leaders of the group questioned Beijing's human rights record in Xinjiang and Hong Kong. The Chinese Embassy in UK reacted angrily to these questions and claimed that the leaders were "interfering" in internal matters. Currently, Uighur Muslims in the Xinjiang region are undergoing ethnic cleansing in an attempt by China to root out Islamic Extremism.

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Uyghur women still experience birth related atrocities despite restrictions being lifted.

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China: Uighur Muslims Devoid Of Recently Passed Three-Child Policy

China has limited the Uighur Muslims to have three children, a decision recently passed by the Chinese Communist Party. Reportedly, the restrictions were imposed because of Beijing’s attitude towards the ethnic minorities in the Xinjiang region. Accused of genocide in the region, the politburo’s aggressive family planning policy on minorities since 2017 has led to decline in regional birth rate by a third. However, China has continuously… read-more

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Representational photo: H&M logo.

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Nike, Adidas, H&M Face Chinese Boycott For Supporting Uighur Muslims

Global apparel brands like H&M, Nike and Adidas are facing boycott in China for their stand against alleged abuse of Uighur Muslims in China's Xinjiang. Reportedly, H&M had earlier stated that it is concerned about Uighur Muslims being forced into labour to produce cotton in Xinjiang. Meanwhile, several Chinese celebrities have started cutting ties with Swedish brand H&M, while major e-commerce platforms in the country have … read-more

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EU Issues Sanctions On China, Russia, Myanmar Over Human Rights Abuse

Following human right abuses, the European Union has issued sanctions on China, Russia and Myanmar on March 22. Reportedly, the move will bar four Chinese officials and a state-run entity from functioning as the country is involved in exploiting Uighur Muslims. Interestingly, the move first came after the 1989 Tiananmen Square violence when Brussels imposed sanctions on China. Moreover, the move applies to North Korea, Eritrea, South Sudan… read-more

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BBC office.

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China Bars Airing Of BBC Network In Retaliation Of UK Banning CGTN

China’s broadcasting regulator has banned BBC World News for one year for violating guidelines in a report made on China's infamous imprisonment of around one million Uighur Muslims. The regulator, NRTA, justified its decision saying BBC "harmed China's national interests, and undermined China's national unity". Reportedly, China's move is being considered as a retaliation of UK media regulator Ofcom’s February 4 decision of banning Chinese… read-more

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Representational photo: Donald Trump(RIGHT) ; Xi Jinping(LEFT)

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US Ban Chinese Cotton Imports; Accuses Of Employing Slave Labour

Extending the trade restrictions, the US government has prohibited cotton imports from a Chinese firm accusing it of employing slave labour. Calling 'Made in China' label a warning, US Homeland Security official Ken Cuccinelli has stated that US businesses should not make profits from slave labour and human right abuses. Reportedly, the action targeting cotton trade is being considered a pressurizing tactic on China for its mass-detention of… read-more

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China Demolishes Around 16,000 Mosques: Human Rights Report

An Australia-based human rights report has stated that thousands of mosques have been demolished in the Xinjiang province of China. Reportedly, satellite imagery has indicated that around 16,000 mosques have been destroyed in the past three years. Besides, human rights activists claim that over one million Uighurs and other Muslims, especially Turkic-speaking, have been confined in camps across the northwestern territory.

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