Google Shuts Down 'Translate Service' In Mainland China, Releases Statement

Citing low usage, US Tech Giant Google announced to shut down its translation services in Mainland China. On October 3, the company released a statement, "We are discontinuing Google Translate in Mainland China, one of the tech giant's few remaining products still available in the country". This is the second time Google ended any service. Back in 2010, Google ended Search Engine services, after it stopped self-censoring.

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United States

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31-Year-Old India Origin Man Shot At In New York While Sitting In Parked Car

In the United States of America, New York, an Indian-origin man (31) was shot dead while sitting in a parked SUV down the street.  On June 27, the local media confirmed the news, saying 31-year-old Satnam Singh was in his car,  in the South Ozone Park section of Queens when unidentified people shot at him.  The New York police department registered a case and launched an investigation.

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Shooting in Arkansas

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Shooting At Car Show Leaves 10 Severely Injured In Arkansas: US

In a tragic incident, ten people were injured severely due to shooting at a car show, as per media reports. On March 19, the shooting took place in the city of Dumas, Arkansas. According to the police, "ten people were wounded by gunfire". Reportedly, highway patrol officers, troopers and investigators were sent to the scene immediately. The suspects and the state of the injured are currently unknown. Further details awaited.

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US To Spare In-person Interviews For Visa Applicants

The US has removed the requirement of the in-person interview from December 31 for many visa applicants from India, said a senior American diplomat to the Indian community leaders. To be eligible for this waiver, the applicants must've already been issued any category of US visa. The types of visas under the exemption are students, workers (H-1, H-2, H-3 and individual L-visa) and culture and extraordinary visas. 

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Researches Identify Biomarkers To Track Depression

In a study, researchers from the University of Illinois, United States of America, have found biomarkers that can help to track depression in platelets. ''A cellular biomarker is responsible for the translocation of Gs alpha from lipid rafts. The biomarker can be identified through a blood test," told Mark Rasenick, head of the team. When we are depressed, the adenylyl cyclase-small molecule inside the cell remains low, confirmed study.

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Kamala Harris and Biden

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Kamala Harris To Get Presidential Powers For Limited Time: US

President Joe Biden has been reported to hand over presidential powers to the US Vice President Kamala Harris for a limited while on November 19. According to reports, Biden will be undergoing a routine colonoscopy check at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in the Washington suburbs. "Biden would be under anesthesia during the procedure", said Jen Psaki, white house press secretary.

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Genoa Indian School Students

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102 Native American Students Perished In Government School Found By Researchers

Over 100 kids who perished in a government-run Native American boarding school in Nebraska have been found by researchers. A total of 102 identities of children who attended the US Indian School have been discovered by Genoa Indian School Digital Reconciliation Project. When the school closed in 1934, no graves were discovered, and records were burned or lost. The Project is collecting a list of school children for their identification. 

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Debris and damaged scooter are seen during heavy rainfall

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Heavy Storm 'Soaks' Northeast Of United States

An intensifying storm hit the densely populated Northeast part of the United States overnight, on October 27. The storm triggered massive flooding of roadways and traffic accidents. Authorities have posted upcoming storm warnings along several hundred miles of the Northeastern coastline of the country. Governors from New York, and New Jersey have also declared a state emergency, hours ahead of the storm which took place.

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Trump Sues U.S. House Committee Investigating January 6 Attack On Capitol

Former US President Donald Trump has sued the U.S Congressional committee, investigating the January 6 riot at the Capitol, claiming that the members had made an illegal request for his White House records. The lawsuit asserted that materials sought by the House of Representatives committee are covered by a legal doctrine known as executive privilege. The doctrine protects the confidentiality of White House communications.

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American Soldiers and Indian soldiers

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Indian Troops Competes American Army In Kabaddi: Ex Yudh Abhyas 2021

Indian soldiers participated in friendly games of Kabaddi, American Football, Soccer, and Volleyball with American soldiers on October 16. This is a part of the 17th edition of the India-US joint training exercise "Ex Yudh Abhyas 21," which began on October 15 at Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson in Alaska. These sporting activities allowed the troops to get to know one another better, which would be useful in future activities.

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