US Drone strike

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US Drone Hits Wrong Target, Kills 10 Civilians: Afghanistan

Malika, an Afghanistan resident has been killed along with her nine other relatives on August 29 in a drone strike done by the US military. American military admitted their "tragic mistake" of killing 10 people unknowingly who were civilians not of terror group ISIS-K. US commander General Frank McKenzie said, "the military knew civilians had been hit and knew that they had hit the wrong target."

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A drone flying

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Drone Strike By US Military Kills One IS Member In Afghanistan

The US military on August 28 confirmed that they killed an IS member in a drone strike following President Joe Biden's approval. The strike was carried out within 48 hours after a bomb blast reportedly claimed the lives of 13 Americans and at least 169 Afghans. On August 26, Biden also had said to the perpetrators of the blast that ''We'll hunt you down and make you pay''.

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The Bagram Airfield

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Afghan Forces To Take Over Bagram Airfield From United States

Afghan National Security and defense force will take charge of 'Bagram Airfield' from the US military after nearly 20 years, said the US officials on July 1. The Airfield was the hub of the US's manhunt against Al-Qaeda and a Warland against the Taliban. However, the decision comes after US President Joe Biden promised to withdraw troops by September 11 in order to end the "forever war."

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PM Imran Khan says Pak won't host any US Military bases.

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PM Imran Khan Denies To USA's Military Base Set-Up In Pakistan

Prime Minister Imran Khan has denied setting up any American military bases in Pakistan, in the fear of retaliation from terrorists. USA's aim in setting up bases is to make operations into Afghanistan easier. Further, Khan stated, the possibility of civil war in Afghanistan, would make his country an easy target for terrorists. Furthermore, he said that the USA and Pak have the same interests in mind regarding Afghanistan. 

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Taliban says 'Islamic System' is the only way to ensure peace and rights for all including women.

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Taliban Claims "Islamic System" Will Ensure Peace In Afghanistan

The Taliban, on June 20, said that they will engage in peace talks and they want peace which will come through the enforcement of an Islamic system. Furthermore, this system is the only way to ensure women's rights and an end to the wars. The Taliban claims commitment to peace, despite the rise in violence after the US military's departure. Talks between Taliban and Afghanistan government have reached an impasse. 

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Lloyd Austin to form Deterrence against China

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Pentagon Chief Starts Asia Tour To Boost Military Co-op Against China

US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin is all set to travel to Asia to discuss defence strategies with American allies. The Pentagon chief also aims to foster a credible deterrence against China.  Reportedly, as a part of his first official trip, Lloyd has started from Hawaii to the Indo-Pacific regions, including India.  The US military is mainly focusing on maintaining capabilities to offer a credible deterrence to China by strengthening… read-more

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US forces in Iraq

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US Troops to Leave Iraq, Country Declares Defeat of IS Militants

US has confirmed the withdrawal of 2200 troops from Iraq by September end. After withdrawal, 2000 US soldiers will be left to advise and aid Iraqi forces in eradicating Islamic State (IS) militants. In January, the issue with the soldiers became contentious, after US killed Iranian General Qasem Soleimani using a drone, in Baghdad. Reportedly, Iraq had declared defeat of IS militants in 2017 and asked the US forces to leave.

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