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US Calls For Security Council Meeting To Discuss Ukraine Crisis

French Ambassador to the United Nations Nicolas De Riviere said that the USA has requested for a UN Security Council meeting on September 7, to discuss the Ukraine crisis. On September 6, a meeting on Ukraine has been scheduled, which was requested by Russia, focusing on the situation in and around  Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. As of now, three meeting have been scheduled to discuss the Ukraine issue in September.

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Wiz Khalifa

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Wiz Khalifa's US Concert Stopped Early; 3 People Wounded

Rapper Wiz Khalifa played in Indianapolis, US, on August 26 but had to stop the show short due to a commotion that caused three minor injuries. At around 10:30 p.m., individuals began leaving the Ruoff Music Centre in Noblesville, according to local authorities. The event began following a reported disturbance on a section of the amphitheater's lawn, with some of those there yelling about a probable gunshot.

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US Justice Department To File Lawsuit Against Apple: Report

According to a news article published on the website Politico on August 26, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) is in the first stages of crafting a prospective antitrust case against Apple Inc. Politico cited someone with firsthand knowledge of the situation. Requests for a response from Reuters were not immediately answered by Apple or the U.S. Department of Justice.

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California Becomes 1st US State In World To Outlaw Use Of Petrol Cars, Effective From 2026

Officials in California have adopted a first-of-its-kind rule that would ban the sale of new gas-powered automobiles by 2035. The regulations would not apply to used automobiles, enabling them to remain on the road. The rules will not be effective immediately, but rather in 2026. However, the Biden administration must still approve the decision before it can go into effect.  

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US President Joe Biden

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US President Joe Biden Expected To Announce Student Loan Relief

US President Joe Biden is expected to announce student debt relief on August 24, and an extension of the current pay freeze. The move comes a week before the White House's self-imposed August 31 deadline, which has sent millions of Americans into a frenzy over the Department of Education's recommendation. Biden's proposed legislation will offer at least USD 10,000 in… read-more

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Brain-Eating Amoeba Infection

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US Child Dies Due To Suspected Case Of Brain-Eating Amoeba Infection

A child in Nebraska, United States, may have perished from a rare kind of brain-eating amoeba according to an ABC News report. If confirmed, this will be the first instance of its kind in Nebraska. Naegleria fowleri is a warm-water amoeba that inhabits the soil and causes primary amebic… read-more

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US State Department spokesperson Ned Price

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US Defends India's Policy Choices Amid Ukraine Conflict

The Unites States appeared to be supporting India's foreign decisions in the midst of Ukraine war, stating that it will take a long time for nations with longstanding links to Moscow to realign their foreign policy. US State Department spokesperson Ned Price made these comments addressing a question on US "failure" to isolate Russia. Despite rising sanctions on Moscow, India continues to interact with Russia on a variety of subjects.

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Joe Biden

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US President Joe Biden Signs Inflation Reduction Act

US President Joe Biden signs a major climate change and health-care funding measure into law, providing Democrats a boost ahead of the November elections. The White House hailed the Inflation Reduction Act as the most significant commitment to climate change mitigation in US history. The government will spend around $370 billion on green energy programs, while also… read-more

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Extreme Heat Belt

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'Extreme Heat Belt' To Affect US Region Home To 100 Million People By 2053: Report

According to a new study, an "extreme heat belt," with at least one-day per year when heat index exceeds 125 degrees Fahrenheit (52 degrees Celsius). First Street Foundation conducted the study, which employed a peer-reviewed model developed in collaboration with public. The analysis found temperatures beyond National Weather Service's highest rating, "Extreme Danger," were anticipated to affect 8.1 million people in 2023 and climb to 107… read-more

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US Capitol Building

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Man Sets His Car Ablaze, Rams It Into US Capitol Building & Shoots Himself Dead

An unidentified man set his car ablaze, and drove it straight to the US Capitol building, ramming into the barricade on August 13, reported Fox News. The man then fired his weapon indiscriminately, and eventually shot himself. No causalities other than the shooter were reported. An investigation into the matter is underway, and further details are awaited.

Mon, 15 Aug 2022 - 05:55 PM / by Shibu Immanuel S

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