The United States of Congress

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US House Of Representatives Passes USD 768 Billion Defence Bill

The updated version of the USD 768 billion defence spending bill for 2022 was passed by the US House of Representatives of Congress on December 7. The House approved the 2022 National Defence Authorization along with other bills with a 363-70 vote. Besides, the budget enmarks USD 7.1 billion for the Indo-Pacific region operations, aiming to address challenges like supply chain risks for defence systems from China.

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Elon Musk

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Elon Musk Says US Congress Shouldn't Accept Biden's EV Bill

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, on December 6 at the WSJ CEO Council Summit said the US Congress shouldn't accept the administration bill by Biden for Electric Vehicles (EVs). "It'd worsen the country's budget deficit," he added. Reportedly, the bill talks about boosting subsidies on EVs. ''I'm literally saying get rid of… read-more

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Jacqueline Avant, Billy Dee Williams

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Actor Billy Dee Williams Express Grief Over Jacqueline Avant's Murder

Star Wars Actor, Billy Dee Williams expressed grief over the murder of his friend, Jacqueline Avant, wife of music legend Clarence Avant. He stated that it is becoming dangerous in Los Angeles. He further stated, "there's a dark energy that's permeating our lives right now. I call it Lucifer." Besides, Avant was shot by a home invader who broke into the house and killed her. 

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Nobuo Kishi

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Japan Calls US' Decision To Resume F-16 Fighter Jets 'Highly Regrettable'

Defence Minister of Japan, Nobuo Kishi stated that US' decision to resume flights of F-16 fighter jets is "highly regrettable", especially before the investigation of the matter where US aircraft dropped fuel tanks. Previously on November 30, US F-16 was forced to drop two fuel tanks during an emergency landing near the… read-more

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Toddler Alerting Father With Sign Language

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Video Of Toddler Alerting Her Father With Sign Language Goes Viral

Zachary, who is deaf, was shopping with his family at a mall when his 19-month-old child abruptly came to a halt. Madison, who was strolling around with two objects in her hands, swiftly dropped everything to show her father using sign language that an infant was crying nearby. People on social media have been amazed by the short video shared on the family's Instagram page. 

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Masood Khan

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Pakistan Appoints Terror Supporter As Ambassador To The United States

Pakistan has appointed Masood Khan as the new ambassador to the United States. According to a US-based magazine, Khan has been identified as a former President of the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK), with a long history of working with Islamists and jihadists. His appointment has been reported to be evidence of the increasingly dangerous Pakistan regime, which is working to support Islamist states, including the Taliban, according to reports… read-more

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American Journalist Danny Fenster

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American Journalist Danny Fenster Released From Prison In Myanmar

Danny Fenster was condemned to 11 years in jail for inciting racial hatred and violating immigration and assembly regulations. The managing editor of the independent digital journal Frontier Myanmar has been held from May. After negotiations between former US ambassador Bill Richardson and the reigning military junta, he was released on November 15. Fenster stated, he was in good health and had not been abused or hungry throughout his… read-more

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Elon Musk, Tesla

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Tesla Extends Share Sell-Off Following Musk's Tweet

Tesla's share extended their recent sale on November 15, as investors responded to Elon Musk's tweet on stock sales of $6.9 billion. The company traded low at $978.60 billion, pushing its market value to less than $1 trillion for the second time on an intra-day basis on November 15. Musk tweeted to Bernie Sanders, "Want me to sell more stock?" after the… read-more

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Theodore Ted Conrad


US Marshals Take 52 Yrs To Identify Wanted Man For Cleveland's Largest Heists

Theodore "Ted" Conrad reportedly robbed $215,000 from Cleaveland's Society National Bank on July 11, 1969. Conrad disappeared after the crime and left detectives "perplexed" for years. US Marshals have assumably identified him that he became Thomas Randele and relocated to Lynnfield, Massachusetts, in 1970. Before his death earlier this year, he was wanted for one of Cleveland's largest bank robberies and lived "an unassuming life" for over… read-more

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Original Apple-1 Computer

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Original Apple Computer Hand-Built By Its Founders 45 Years Ago, Sold For $400,000

In the United States, an original Apple computer, hand-built 45 years ago by founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, was sold for $400,000 via auction on November 9. When it went under the hammer in California, the original Apple-1, the "great-great-grandfather" of today's elegant chrome-and-glass Macbooks, was projected to earn up to $600,000. The computer is unique because it is covered in koa wood, a highly patinated Hawaiian wood. 

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