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Govt Forms 4-Members Panel To Study WHO Claims Of India-Made Cough Syrup Causing Gambia Deaths

The Union Government formed a four-member panel of experts to examine the details and adverse event reports received from the WHO on the deaths of 66 children in The Gambia. Notably, Maiden Pharma's cough syrup has been linked to the killing of children, following which the Haryana Govt ordered to halt the production and issued a show-cause notice. Moreover, the panel will have a committee of technical experts.

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CDSCO To Investigate Death Suspects Due To India-Made Cough Syrup After WHO Alert

The Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation took an urgent investigation against four India-made cough syrup and cold syrup medicine, which are suspected to have killed 66 children in the Gambia. The step to investigate came after an alert from the World Health Organisation (WHO) in this regard, on October 5. Moreover, the CDSCO also requested the WHO to submit a detailed report regarding the findings of the deaths.

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Canada Confirms 1,321 Cases Of Monkeypox

Canada confirms 1,321 cases of Monkeypox and alerted citizens. On September 9, The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) has confirmed the Monkeypox update, informing 631 cases are from Ontario, 505 from Quebec, 143 from British Columbia, 34 from Alberta, three from Saskatchewan, two from the Yukon and one each from Nova Scotia,… read-more

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Monkeypox Virus First Case Detected In Indonesia

Health ministry in Indonesia reported its first monkeypox illness on August 20. Singapore announced its first incidence of monkeypox last month and had verified 15 cases as of August 5. Philippines and Thailand have also confirmed instances in Southeast Asia. World Health Organization declared a global health emergency, citing more than 40,000 confirmed instances of monkeypox, including a few deaths, in over 80 countries where the virus is… read-more

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WHO Urges People To Avoid Animal Contact, After 1st Dog-To Man Monkeypox Case Reported

The World Health Organisation (WHO) asked people to avoid animal contact, after the first known human-to-dog transmission of monkeypox was reported in France. On August 19, a case, involving two men and their Italian greyhound has been reported in Paris, following which the WHO asked for separate isolation for animals and waste management. Notably, rising number of monkeypox has been a concern for the world.

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WHO Claims Effectiveness Of Monkeypox Vaccinations Less Than 100%

Vaccines against monkeypox are not 100% effective, therefore individuals must limit their own risks of infection, according to WHO technical chief Rosamund Lewis on August 17. This comes as more than 35,000 instances of monkeypox have been documented in more than 92 countries, with the illness responsible for 12 fatalities. Last week, about 7,500 cases were recorded, a 20% rise over the previous week.

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Delhi Reports 5th Case Of Monkeypox In 22-Year-Old Woman

A fifth case of Monkeypox virus has been reported in Delhi, informed Dr Suresh Kumar, Medical Director at Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan hospital, on August 13. He thena stated that it is a 22-year-old woman. Reportedly, she is undergoing treatment. He further stated that the patient has no travel history, but had traveled over a month ago. Central government has strengthened vigilance, especially at country's borders.

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WHO Releases New Names For Monkeypox Variations 'Clade I & Clade II'

The latest strains of the monkeypox virus have a new nomenclature, according to World Health Organization (WHO). According to the WHO, this is done to avoid upsetting anyone's cultural or social beliefs. The old West African clade is now known as Clade II, whereas the former Congo Basin clade (group of variants) in Central Africa is known as Clade I.… read-more

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Nigerian Man With No Foreign Travel History Tests Monkeypox Positive In Delhi

India reported its sixth confirmed positive case of monkeypox, on August 2. A Nigerian man, a resident of Delhi with no foreign travel history tested positive for monkeypox, confirmed by Delhi Government-run LNPG Hospital. The 34-year-old man is being treated at LNPG hospital and was reported to have monkeypox symptoms like fever for the past five days. With this, Delhi registered its second confirmed monkeypox case, of which one recovered.… read-more

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Monkeypox: Spain Reports First Monkeypox-Related Death

Spain has reported its first fatality caused by the Monkeypox virus, on July 30. Spain is one of the worst-hit countries, with over 4,298 people infected. Of which, at least 120 have been hospitalized due to the severity. Brazil reported the first Monkeypox-related death outside Africa. WHO termed Monkeypox as a global health emergency, just over a week ago, with over 18… read-more

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