Anandavalli, Kerala Woman Becomes Block Panchayat President After Served As A Sweeper

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After Serving As Sweeper, Kerala Woman Wins Local Body Polls

After being a sweeper at Kollam's Pathanapuram District Panchayat office for 10 years, 46-year-old A Anandavalli became the block Panchayat President. The Dalit woman who contested on a Communist Party of India (Marxist) ticket, won the recently concluded local body polls by 654 votes. Stating that she has responsibilities now, Anandavalli said, “Only my party can do such things. I am really indebted to it”.

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The First Woman Copy Writer Betsy Wade Dies At Age Of 91

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First Woman Copy Editor Of The Times Dies At 91; Pioneer of "Ms." Word

The New York Times' first woman copy editor, Betsy Wade, passed away at 91 on December 3. She had also fought a legal case against the newspaper over its gender-biased policies. Interestingly, Wade pioneered the use of "Ms.", instead of "Mrs." or "Miss", for women in news articles of The Times. Wade became the first woman to lead 'NewsGuild' and had received the lifetime achievement award of the Silurians Press Club in 2016.

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Hyderabad woman starts own fruits trolley after begging for two years

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Differently-abled Woman Sets Example After Immense Struggle

Setting an example of perseverance, Rama Devi, a differently-abled woman, was able to open a fruit stall despite going through severe financial troubles. She lost her legs, due to polio, when she was a child. However, she strived to complete her high school and got married. Moreover, although she begged on the streets for two years after her husband's death, she continued the education of her three children. 

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Vijayalakshmi Ramanan

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India's First Woman Airforce Officer Vijayalakshmi Ramanan No More

Indian Air Force's First Woman officer Vijayalakshmi Ramanan passed away aged 96 at her residence in Bangalore. Her son announced that the former officer suddenly collapsed a week ago and breathe her last on October 18. Known as 'Officer 4971', Vijayalakshmi is an obstetrician and gynaecologist. She served the armed forces in all the wars and after 24 years of service, she retired as a Wing Commander in 1979.

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