CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan

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MP Govt Announces 35% Reservation For Women In Govt Jobs

In Madhya Pradesh, the Shivraj Singh-led BJP Government announced 35% reservation for women in government jobs. The announcement came as a boon for women, after an amendment to the Madhya Pradesh Civil Services (Special Provision for Appointment of Women) Rules, 1997, but won't be applicable in the forest department jobs. Earlier, CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan announced to provide 35% reservation to women in police and 50% in teaching posts.

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Southern States Lead in Women Beneficiaries of PM-SVANidhi Loan Scheme

The PM-SAVNidhi scheme for street vendors is leading in southern states, which have outperformed their northern counterparts in terms of women beneficiaries.  The Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs data shows that states such as Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka have reported higher percentages of women beneficiaries, ranging from 50 to 70%, compared to the northeastern states, where the percentage is low than the… read-more

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Taliban Barred Entry Of Women Without Hijab Into Outdoor Restaurant

The Taliban barred entry of families and women into restaurants with gardens or green spaces in Herat province, confirmed local news. The decision came after religious clerics complained of mixing genders in such places. Afghan officials said that the curbs have been brought in place because of gender mixing or because women allegedly are not wearing the hijab. Notably, the outdoor dining ban only applies to establishments in Herat.

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Ashok Gehlot

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Rajasthan CM Announces Free Bus Service For Woman

Ashok Gehlot, the CM of Rajasthan, announced a special offer for female citizens of Rajasthan. Marking the International Women's Day, the Congress-led Government announced free bus travel for a day to all women. The service started on March 7, and will continue till March 8. Announced on Holi, it will be of maximum benefit to those who are travelling after celebrating the festival of Holi-Dhulandi

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Monkeypox Cases Tally Rise To 9, Delhi Reports 4th Case

Monkeypox cases are rising rapidly in India, with a total tally of nine. On August 4, Delhi reported its fourth case of Monkeypox. A 31-year-old woman tested positive for the disease, confirmed by the Delhi Health Department. Notably, this is the first case of Monkeypox amongst women in India. The patient is currently… read-more

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Woman Driver

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Delhi Govt Announces Financial Assistance Program For Aspiring Female Professional Drivers

Delhi government introduced a scheme on July 18 to give financial assistance to women who want to undergo driving training and become professional taxi drivers. Transport Department will cover half of each woman's training costs, which are estimated to be roughly Rs 4,800. Women will be trained at government-run driving schools in Burari, Loni, and Sarai Kale Khan. The government will encourage fleet owners and aggregators to finance the… read-more

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Afghanistan Woman

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Security Council Briefs About Taliban's Ban On Girls Education

The Security Council discussed the repressive practices of the Taliban, especially ban on education of Taliban girls. On June 23, the council noted that women and girls in Afghanistan are being denied their most fundamental human rights, including employment and education, amidst the country's deteriorating humanitarian and economic conditions. During a briefing via video-conference, security council said, it has been 279 days, that girls are… read-more

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Bombay HC

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It's Women's Choice To Work Despite Education Qualifications, Says Bombay HC Judge

Education qualification shouldn't be the only reason, forcing a woman to earn living. On June 11, the Bombay HC judge Bharti Dangre stated this while reviewing a man’s plea challenging the lower-family court's orders,  which asked him to pay Rs 5,000 maintenance to his estranged wife in a Domestic Violence pending case. Dismissing the man's plea, Justice Dangre said, " It is a woman's choice to work."

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woman with sanitary napkin

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Menstrual Cycle Aligned With Mental, Emotional & Physical Well Being

The menstrual health of a woman is aligned and impacted by the social, mental, and physical surroundings of a woman. A study reveals that these stages needed to be monitored and balanced, as it plays a key role. While the physical stage revolves around body fitness, the mental stage helps in the balance between the brain and hormones. Lastly, social surrounding is better when the period isn't considered taboo.

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Women Wearing Hijab

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Taliban Issues A "Final & Non-Negotiable" Order For Female TV Anchors To Cover Their Faces On Air

Taliban authorities in Afghanistan have mandated that all-female TV presenters cover their faces while on air. The Taliban's Virtue and Vice Ministry, as well as the Information and Culture Ministry, issued the directive. The order was described as  “final and non-negotiable." Several female broadcasters and presenters have shared photographs of themselves wearing face masks while delivering shows on social media. 

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