Pakistan Gender Equality

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World Economic Forum Ranks Pakistan As Second-Worst Country In Terms Of Gender Equality

The World Economic Forum has ranked Pakistan as the second worst country in terms of gender equality. The report titled 'Global Gender Gap', which surveyed 146 countries, ranked Pakistan at the 145th spot. Furthermore, Pakistan secured the  135th spot on educational attainment, 143rd in health and survival, and 95th in political empowerment. The best countries in terms of gender equality include Iceland, Finland, Norway, New Zealand and… read-more

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi

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PM Modi To Deliver 'State Of The World' Special Address At WEF

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on January 17, will deliver 'State of the World' special address at the World Economic Forum’s Davos Agenda. Several heads will address the event including Australian PM Scott Morrison, Japanese PM Kishida Fumio, Chinese President Xi Jinping, and Israeli President Isaac Herzog. International organisations and top industry leaders will participate too and will discuss the critical challenges faced by the world.

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Afghanistan Faces Economic Woes

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Afghanistan Faces Economic Woes Since Taliban Took Over

Afghanistan is reported to be facing economic hardships ever since the Taliban took over. Furthermore, agriculture and services sector declined due to drought and increasing insecurity. Also, over 1 million children faced malnutrition and some even starved to death. The people were subjected to outbreak of diseases like measles and polio. Report, over 2,000 hospitals and clinics were forced to close due to shortage of funds. 

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Drone medicine delivery.

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Telangana: Dunzo To Soon Start Medicine, Vaccine Delivery Through Drones

Under the 'Medicine from the Sky' project, delivery service provider Dunzo will soon start medicine delivery service through drones in Telangana. The facility aims at seamless delivery of essentials amid infrastructural challenges and lockdown. A joint initiative of Telangana government and the World Economic Forum, it focuses on end-to-end ecosystem following Centre’s policy for low-altitude airspace for drones. Meanwhile, the drone-based… read-more

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Gender Equality

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Women Need 135.6 Years More To Bridge Gender Gap: WEF Report

In a shocking revelation, a report by the World Economic Forum has stated that women will have to wait for 135.6 years more to achieve gender equality. Citing job losses by women during COVID-19, the report made the pandemic responsible for delaying gender-equality targets. Tracking gender roles in 156 countries, the report added that women will need at least 267.6 years for workplace equality and 145.5 years to tackle the gender gap in… read-more

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Equality Poster

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India Ranks 140th In WEF's Gender Gap Index 2021, Slips By 28 Spots

India has fallen down to the 140th place in the World Economic Forum's Gender Gap Index 2021. Notably, the decline took place in indicators like political representation, economic participation and labor force participation rate. Shockingly, India also became the third worst performer in the South-Asia, only ahead of Pakistan (153rd) and Afghanistan (156th) in the 156-nation list. India was ranked 112th in the index's 2020 edition.

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World Economic Forum

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World Economic Forum Changes Location For Its 2021 Annual Meet

Owing to the COVID-19 scare, the World Economic Forum has announced a delay and change in the location of its annual meeting for 2021. Reportedly, the event is moved from Davos to Switzerland, where it will be held from May 18-21, 2021. With the theme 'The great reset', the participants of the summit will be connected in a hybrid format - in-person and digital presence - due to safety protocol. 

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