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PM Benjamin's Big Statement On Whether Israel Will Capture Gaza?

mid the fear that Israel may recapture Gaza, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made a statement that indicates that the Israeli Defence Forces are there in Gaza to stay. PM Netanyahu said that Israel will have security responsibility over the Gaza Strip for an indefinite period. This shows that Israel will not leave Gaza till it is assured of destroying all Hamas sites and militants, with indefinite security concern.

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Firing at Pak Airbase

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Pakistan Airbase Miyanwali Under Attack, 3 Militants killed : Reports

Pak Air Force base in Nothern Pakistan's Mianwali reportedly came under a massive terror attack involving suicide bombers on Friday night. Several videos of the attack were shared on social media. Reuters quoted the Pakistan military and reported that three attackers were killed in response to the attack. Three attackers are still active inside the base as heavy gunfighting is on, it said.

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Gaza-Israel Attack

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Just In: Hamas Likely To Release 50 People With Dual Nationality

In a breaking news, there is a possible release of Dual Nationality Hostages by Hamas. On October 23, an Israeli military official said, there's a chance that Hamas might release approximately 50 dual-nationality prisoners. As per sources, Hamas has also issued a warning, indicating that a ground invasion could potentially decrease the likelihood of the hostages being… read-more

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Israel people protesting

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External Ministry Urge Israel Citizens To Leave Jordan, Egypt

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends that Israeli citizens leave Jordan and Egypt immediately, following the raising of the travel warning to level 4, the highest. "We ask the Israelis to leave Jordan and Egypt immediately and refrain from traveling to Morocco" - The Israeli National Security Council Sources. The statement came amid ongoing Israel-Palestine war and recent Gaza Attack, which alarmed concerns for people.

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Israel PM

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Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Statement On Gaza Hospital Explosion

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu issued an official statement over the Gaza Hospital attack. He said, "As the whole world knows-the barbaric terrorists in Gaza are the ones who attacked the hospital in Gaza, not the IDF. He who brutally murdered our children, also murders his children.' Meanwhile, the Islamic Jihad was behind the attack. However, they denied the accusation of its missiles falling in the courtyard of the Baptist Hospital.

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Gaza attacks

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Israeli Military Issues Statement, Asks Gaza Citizens To Leave: Israel-Palestine War

In an official statement, the Israel administration asked Gazans to leave the region, amid the ongoing war and conflict. On October 13, the Israeli Military said they would operate significantly in the Gaza city, in the coming days, and therefore asked all the citizens to leave the city. "Civilians of Gaza City, evacuate  south for your own safety and the safety of your families, asking to escape Hamas terrorist.

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Israel attacj

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Israel-Hamas War, Death crosses 3000 Mark

Amid the ongoing war, Israel is preparing to intensify the attack by launching ground attacks in Gaza. The Israeli army is mobilizing its members in southern Israel and reservists with heavy military equipment, confirmed sources. Moreover, the death toll is over 3,000, in total. Meanwhile, Israel announced that they have recaptured control of southern Israel bordering Gaza. Meanwhile, the situation is likely to worsen with intensified war.… read-more

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Hamas Israel.war

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Breaking! Hamas Announces Live Execution And Killing Of Prisoners

Hamas announces that it will begin execution and live televised killing of Israeli hostages for every building bombarded in Gaza. Abu Ubaida, spokesman for the Military Wing of Hamas - Alaikum Brigades said,  "We have decided to put an end to the fascist Zionist crime against our people." He added, "We shall address him in the language he understands.” They said, each target on our people will be answered.

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 Heavy Flooding In Southern Myanmar Displaces More Than 10,000 people

A senior official at the Ministry of Social Welfare, Lay Shwe Zin Oo, said constant rain in the Bago region that continued from the last week caused heavy flooding in the low-line areas of its capital, Bago town. It is said that there were no losses, but over 10,000 people had to abandon their homes. Bago town recorded 7.87 inches of rainfall hence it is its highest in 59 years.

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Nushratt Bharucha

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Bollywood Actress Stuck In Israel Amid Attack Situation, Lost Contact With Team

Bollywood actress Nushratt Bharucha is stranded in Israel, amidst the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine. According to a statement shared with the media by a member of her team, “Nushrratt Bharucha is stuck in Israel. She had traveled there to participate in the Haifa International Film Festival.” As per the information provided by her team, the last contact with her was around 12:30 p.m. on October 7.

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