Neal Mohan

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Neal Mohan Is New CEO Of YouTube

Indian-American Neal Mohan will be the new YouTube CEO, confirmed sources on February 17. The developments came after the current CEO Susan Wojcicki announced to step down from his post, after serving as the Chairman for 25 years. Mohan worked with Wojcicki for 15 years and was YouTube's chief product officer in 2015. Now, Susan will work with Sundar Pichai to take on an advisory role across Google and Alphabet 

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Bobby Kataria

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Uttarakhand Police To Soon Arrest YouTuber Bobby Kataria

The Uttarakhand police will soon arrest YouTuber Bobby Kataria for alleged drinking and threatening the police. He also sat on a chair and stopped the traffic in the middle of the road in the capital city of Dehradun. Notably, the police have obtained a non-bailable warrant against the accused from the district court. Further details on the matter are awaited.

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Google meet, YouTube

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Google Meet To Allow Users To Livestream Meetings Directly On YouTube

Google revealed introduction of a new feature to Google Meet, which will allow call admin to broadcast the conference directly on YouTube. It will be introduced in phases. The first is "rapid release," with the functionality becoming available to chosen domains in three days starting on July 21. The second will apply to domains that will undergo a "scheduled release" over the course of 15 days starting on July 25. 

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Gaurav Taneja

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YouTuber Gaurav Taneja Granted Bail After Being Detained For Birthday Celebration At Metro Station

Hours after being detained by Noida Police, YouTuber Gaurav Taneja, also known as "Flying Beast," received bail. He was detained on July 9 when his fans gathered at Noida's Sector 51 Metro Station for his birthday celebration at his request. He was apprehended for breaching Section 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure which is in force in Noida and Section 188 (disobedience to order duly promulgated by public servant).  

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Sai Pallavi

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Bajrang Dal Activists File FIR Against Actor Sai Pallavi Over Remarks On Kashmiri Pandits' Genocide

Bajrang Dal activists have filed an FIR against Actor Sai Pallavi over her remarks about Kashmiri pandits. Reportedly, in an interview to a YouTube channel, she "compared Kashmiri pandits' genocide to cow vigilantism". Though her comments erupted a massive outrage, some continued to support her. Furthermore, Bajrang Dal has also sought for an apology from Sai Pallavi.

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Layer'r Shot Perfume

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Centre Askes Media To Remove Layer'r Shot Perfume's Ad; Promoted Rape Culture

Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting requested Twitter and YouTube remove advertising for Layer'r Shot perfume that supposedly encouraged rape culture. The Television channel where the advertisement aired has also removed it. A notice has been given to the Delhi Police, requesting the filing of an FIR and the withdrawal of the advertising from the media. The police department has been ordered to submit a statement by June 9. 

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Ford Logo and Elon Musk

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Ford Motor Company Makes Fun Of Elon Musk & Tesla In New Ad Campaign

In a newly published YouTube advertisement, Ford Motor Company, an American manufacturer and one of the world's largest carmakers criticized Elon Musk and Tesla. The commercial ran during the Kentucky Derby, an annual horse event in the United States. "They fly away on their own personal spaceships when things get hard," the ad read. A Ford representative said the purpose of the commercial was to celebrate all employees. 

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Anurag Thakur

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Anurag Thakur Warns Of Action Against YouTube Channels For 'Spreading Misinformation'

The Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Anurag Thakur, has warned of strict action against the YouTube channels that are found spreading what he describes as "misinformation." "Central government has blocked sixteen for spreading false, unverified information to create panic," he shared, adding that the administration would continue taking such measures. He justified the move by claiming that the government is taking such steps… read-more

Tue, 26 Apr 2022 - 08:29 PM / by Varun Das

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Anurag Thakur

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Anurag Thakur Warns Online News Channels For Spreading 'Fake News'

Information and Broadcasting Minister of India Anurag Thakur issued a strict warning against news channels and media houses, for spreading 'fake news and misinformation. On April 5, Thakur said, in the past, the Government of India blocked multiple YouTube channels, Twitter accounts, and Facebook handles, responsible for fake news. He further added, "We won't shy away from taking such actions in the future". So far, Government blocked 78… read-more

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YouTube Announces To Roll Out Live Streaming Alert Feature

YouTube is all set to roll out a new feature, allowing users to know when a channel is livestreaming. Neal Mohan, the Chief Producer of YouTube took to Twitter and announced the same. With this feature, there would be an alert with word "live". Although, a similar feature has been used by TikTok and other social media applications, it is new to YouTube. 

Mon, 21 Feb 2022 - 07:35 PM / by Varsha Joshi

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