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Milk, Meat And Chicken Prices Goes Up In Pakistan Amid Crisis

At a time when Pakistan is suffering a major economic crisis, the prices of milk, meat and chicken along with other utilities increased, in effect from February 14. According to sources, milk is now at PKR 210/liter, whereas meat and chicken is available at PKR 1,110/kg and PKR 780/kg, respectively. The IMF postponed the disbursement of a vital USD 1.1 billion tranche of a deal, causing trouble to Pakistan.

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Children at school

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4 Ashram Students Fall Ill After Consuming Meal In Bhiwandi

The Civic Health officials in Bhiwandi, Thane, Maharashtra, reported that four students of Ashram schools fell ill after consuming food at the school premises. Notably, students of Shraddha Ashram School complained of stomach-ache, and were rushed to hospital. Dr Datta Kole of the civic-run Shree Chatrapati Maharaj General Hospital said it to be due to food poisoning. However, the ashram authority said it to be due to heat-stroke and… read-more

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UP Lok Sabha

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Attempts of Self-harm Reported Outside Lok Bhawan In Lucknow

A 40-year-old man claiming to be a worker of the Samajwadi Party attempted self-immolation on March 10. The incident happened in the afternoon, outside the Lok Bhawan in Lucknow, UP. Police identified the man as Narendra Singh, from Kanpur who also recited political slogans before that. The man splashed himself with inflammable material and set himself on fire, said the police. 

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Omicron cases in India

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Omicron Cases Reach 200, Maharashtra & Delhi At Top: COVID-19

Omicron cases in India reached the 200 mark on December 21, reported the Health Ministry. Maharashtra and Delhi are at the top with 54 cases each, followed by Telangana (20), Karnataka (19), Rajasthan (18), Kerala (15), and Gujarat (14). Besides Uttar Pradesh has two cases, and Andhra Pradesh, Chandigarh, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal are responsible for one case each. Notably, 77 cases out of 200 have been discharged.

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