Piyush Goyal speech.

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Union Minister Piyush Goyal Inaugurates International Trade Fare

Union Minister Piyush Goyal on November 14 inaugurated the India International Trae Fair (IITF), the 40th edition of IITF and mobile app. Reportedly, the fair is being organized under the theme of Atmanirbhar Bharat. "The participation in this trade fair has crossed 3000 small & big businesses. Women MSME entrepreneurs are given stalls, free of cost. other MSMEs, including startups, have been given a 40 percent discount,"… read-more

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Founders of agnikul

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Agnikul Cosmos Unveils 'Made In India' Rocket Engine

Chennai-based Space tech Start-up Agnikul unveiled its full-scale second stage rocket engine - Agnilet at the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) and at the world expo in Dubai. The IIT Madras-Based incubated company is reportedly making the world's first single-piece 3D printed made-in-India engine. The company signed agreements with various stakeholders in… read-more

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Zomato IPO logo

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Zomato Set To Enter MSCI India Index By December

Zomato reported that it is expected to enter the Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) India index in December. The food-tech firm recently became the first consumer internet startup to be listed on the National Stock Exchange. The new development is likely to fetch Rs 1,200 crores to the company. Besides, SRF, Tata Power, Mindtree, Godrej Properties, IRCTC, Mphasis, Bharat Electronics and Bajaj Holding will be included in the index. … read-more

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Dubai expo 2020: India Pavilion

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Dubai Expo 2020: India Pavilion Crosses 3 Lakh Visitors In 43 Days

Dubai EXPO 2020 reported that the number of visitors to the India Pavilion crossed 3 lakhs in the last 43 days. Reportedly, the pavilion was inaugurated on October 1 by Piyush Goyal, the Minister for Industry and Commerce. Several business sessions and conferences in terms of investment opportunities were organized by different states of India. Moreover, 31 country delegations and 175 high-profile visitors also attended the pavilion, said… read-more

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Helion Energy.

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Zero-Carbon Fusion Energy Startup Helion Raises $500 Million: US

Helion Energy, a U.S based fusion energy startup reported on November 6, that it raised 500 million dollars as initial funding to build a net positive electrical generator. Reportedly, the company aims to build a fusion-based generator that creates more electricity than any other ordinary generator, with net-zero carbon emission. Moreover, the company was… read-more

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SpaceX's lunar lander

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U.S Court Approves SpaceX To Build $2.9 Billion Lunar Lander

The US Federal Court Claims that the approval to SpaceX to build the lunar lander, used under the "Artemis" mission to land humans on the moon has been clarified on November 5. As per the report, Blue Origin filed a lawsuit against NASA protesting that the contract was given to Blue Origin and Dynetics. However, the court had given orders against the plea and took a… read-more

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Garuda Aerospace Poster

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Indian Start-Up To Manufacture 1000 Drones For Agriculture Sector

Under the 'Make In India campaign', Garuda Aerospace, decided to manufacture 1000 drones for the agriculture sector. The company has aimed to optimise both productivity and profitability of the farm, by helping farmers move past their traditional manual method of spraying pesticides, in order to save time. "Our plan was presented to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and he agreed to… read-more

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Founders of Zepto.

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Mumbai Teens Quits Stanford University To Launch Grocery Start-Up ''Zepto''

The 19-year-olds Adit Palicha and Kaivalya Vohra, who got admission to Stanford University, decided to quit and start their own grocery company "Zepto". Reportedly, the Mumbai-based company raised 60 million dollars as funding from investors like Y Combinator and Glade Brook Capital, to boost its presence in India's fast-growing grocery delivery market. ''The firm is valued between $200-300 million,'' said Palicha, co-founder and CEO. 

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M Lense founders
M Lense PaperPro: Test Milk Purity At The Comfort Of Home

Here is M Lense! A company with one motive only - to make available milk testing kits, with which the purity can be tested at an affordable price. M Lense manufactures PaperPro, a portable testing kit, that identifies 14 types of milk adulterants instantly and cost-effectively. In an interview with Brifly News, the founders of M Lense shared their success story.

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