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France To Provide $2,975, Exchange Your Old Car With Electric Bicycle

To promote sustainable means of transport, France is likely to give $2,975 to its citizens in exchange for old cars and purchase electric bicycles. Reportedly, France lawmakers have approved the cash-for-clunkers incentive in preliminary voting. France would become the first nation in the world to implement such a scheme, claimed the French Federation of Bicycle Users. However, Finland and Lithuania have offered similar schemes in the past.… read-more

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Facebook logo.

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Facebook Signs Deal With CleanMax To Buy Renewable Energy From India

Facebook has signed a deal with Mumbai-based Company CleanMax to buy renewable energy from a 32-megawatt wind power project located in Southern Karnataka. The power project owned by CleanMax will supply electricity to Facebook on a long-term agreement using environmental attribute certificates, or carbon credits. Meanwhile, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on April 15, announced that the company's operations will now run by renewable energy… read-more

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50% Global Methane Emissions Emanate From Aquatic Ecosystems: Study

Almost 50% of the Methane emissions comes from aquatic ecosystems including natural, human-created and human-impacted aquatic ecosystems, claimed a study in journal 'Nature Geoscience'. The paper highlighted that human-made aquatic systems are major contributors as they release 41%-53% of global methane. Reportedly, the coastal aquaculture farms emit 7-430 times more methane than other coastal farms. While global methane emissions remained… read-more

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New marsupial frog species discovered in Peru.

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Tailless Frog Marsupial's New Species Discovered In Peru's Amazon Forest

In a fresh ecological discovery, a species of Marsupial, a tailless frog, has been traced in a national sanctuary of Peru's Amazon jungle. The official announcement regarding the same was made by the Peruvian National Service of Protected Natural Areas on April 12. This Gastrotheca genus has ‘thick granular skin on the back, a green dorsal coloration without a pattern, turquoise iris and a belly without spots, specks or dots.

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Nike Refurbished

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Nike Sells Refurbished Sneakers In Stores To Help Environment

In an environment-friendly move, sports brand Nike has announced to refurbish all old sneakers returned within 60 days of purchase. Nike, after inspecting the wear and tear, will sell them at a discounted price. Aiming to reduce landfill waste and use non-recyclable materials, Nike has rolled out this sustainable footwear production policy. Assigning a condition-grade for the hand refurbished shoes, Nike also applies a 60-day return policy on… read-more

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Fukushima Power plant

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Japan Announces To Release Million Tonnes Treated Water Into Ocean

Japan government announced the release of more than a million tonnes of treated water from 2011-tsunami affected nuclear plant 'Fukushima' into the ocean. Japan scheduled this project a few years later and assured the treated water will be free from radioactive substances. But the local fishermen, South Korea opposed the decision and China called it 'extremely irresponsible.' The USA and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) have… read-more

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Jacinda Ardern

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New Zealand Tables Law Asking Financial Firms To Consider Climate Risks

In a historic move, New Zealand on April 13 introduced a legislation that will mandate financial firms to chalk out plans related to climate-related risks and opportunities. Reportedly, banks, insurers, and wealth management firms listed on the country's stock exchange will now have to report about how their investments are impacting the climate. With this initiative, the country aims to achieve the net-zero carbon emissions goal by 2050. … read-more

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Chinese flag

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China Plans To Become The Largest Producer Of Hydro-Electricity

China is planning to build a huge dam in the Tibet area of Brahmaputra river producing thrice the hydro-electricity extracted from the Three Gorges. The set-up is expected to produce 300 billion kilowatts of electricity each year. Reportedly, this can potentially affect the water supply of the entire South Asia. However, the Tibetan people raised their concern as a huge section of their ecological location would get submerged.

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Science Ministry Says Non-Uniform Himalayas May Cause Large Tremors

The Science Ministry has stated that non-uniformity of Himalayas' might lead to "significantly large earthquake events" in future. The study has revealed that the Himalayas have developed a crystal property, anisotropy, that results in causing earthquakes. Studying seismic activity of 167 earthquakes, it cited Indo-Eurasia collision, happening for the past 50 million years, as the reason behind anisotropy. Notably, the Climate Risk Index also… read-more

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MP: Escaping Fire Leopard Jumps Over Transformer, Dies Of Electrocution

A leopard was reported dead after jumping over a power transformer in Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh. Reportedly, the big cat was roaming in an agricultural land in search of food while the stubble caught fire and it jumped onto a power transformer and died of electrocution. However, the forest officials after post-mortem dumped the dead carcass as per the National Tiger Conservation Authority guidelines.

Sat, 10 Apr 2021 - 06:41 PM / by Nikita Thakur

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