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Facebook To Down-Rank Objectionable Content From News Feed

Facebook has announced down-grading of content based on clickbait, sensational posts, and poor video quality to promote transparency in its operation. The decision is based on surveys and feedback received from its users. It is in response to Apple's new privacy policy of restricting digital advertisers from tracking iPhone users without their consent. Facebook warned that such a step could hurt small businesses that advertise to find new… read-more

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Human Footprints

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23,000 Year Old Footprints Found In US: New Chapter In Human History

Ancient footprints have been found in the United States dating back 23,000 years, implying that people inhabited North America much before the end of the last Ice Age, as per a study published in the journal Science on September 23. The footprints were discovered in silt on the shores of a long-dried-up lake, now part of the New Mexico desert. Reportedly, the sediments were marked and solidified into hard rock.

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'3 Crore Taxpayers Successfully Completed Transactions', Says Infosys After Fixing Glitch

After harsh criticism by the government over ongoing errors in the new tax portal, Infosys has highlighted on September 23 that "three crore taxpayers have completed transactions using the site and 1.5 crore tax returns were filed". Based on interaction with over 1200 taxpayers directly, Infosys has fixed the glitches. Reportedly, Infosys is now focusing on steadily increasing the Income Tax E filing.

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Panda Security

India's NIA Hacked By Chinese State-Sponsored Group, Claims US

According to a private cybersecurity firm in the US, India's National Identification Database (NID) has been hacked by the Chinese state-sponsored groups on September 22. Reportedly, the hackers used 'Winnti Malware' which is solely shared across multiple Chinese activity groups. However, China has denied any kind of state-sponsored hacking and claimed that the country is a significant victim of cyberattacks.

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Pegasus Case

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'We Will Pass Order On Pegasus Next Week', Says CJI NV Ramana

Following the Pegasus snooping row case, an inquiry committee will be set up by the Supreme Court, said CJI NV Ramana on September 23. "We wanted to pass an order on the matter before this week. We will try to pass an order on Pegasus next week" he said. The Wire purported that leaders, journalists and industrialists were on the target list. 

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Facebook announces new models of its Portal video calling devices

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Facebook Announces To launch Its Portal Video-Calling Device

Social Media giant Facebook is likely to launch its Portable version of the Portal video calling devices. Reportedly, the company is looking forward to entering the digital device market after the launch. According to the reports, the portal device will cost around $199 (USD). However, the first line of the device was launched in 2018. Moreover, the company is planning to add the Microsoft Team's feature to the device.

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Remains of OnePlus Nord 2 after explosion.

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Lawyer Receives Cease, Desist Notice In OnePlus' Phone Blast Case

OnePlus has retaliated against a lawyer, Gaurav Gulati, by sending a cease and desist notice to him following he claimed his OnePlus Nord 2 exploded in his office and it affected his hearing and vision capacity. The company termed Gulati's claim as ''defamatory'' as he didn't let it ''perform a proper diagnosis''. Moreover, OnePlus said, ''We'll follow the proper legal procedures to resolve this matter.''

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Twitter Attempts To Settle 2016 Lawsuit With $800 Million

Twitter announced that it will pay $809.5 million to resolve shareholder class-action lawsuit alleging that the firm misled investors about how often its platform was utilized, on September 20. The deal put an end to a case that shareholders sued in September 2016. Jury-selection was supposed to begin on September 20, but U.S. District-Judge Jon Tigar in Oakland, California postponed it until late November at a hearing on September 17.

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TikTok Trend- 'Devious licks' Astounds The US Schools': Report

Following a trendy TikTok Challenge, "Devious Licks" US school students are unnecessarily sabotaging school property and stealing items like fire extinguishers. The incident is reported on September 21 in New Jersey and Connecticut. School authorities in Connecticut have raised their voice against users and ask TikTok to… read-more

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VPN Mentor

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Free VPN Apps Made Their Users' Data Public: vpnMentor

The vpnMentor research team, led by Noam Rotem, found that over 20 million VPN users' data is publicly accessible because a group of free VPN apps left their servers completely open. The VPN apps include UFO VPN, FAST, Super, Flash, Rabbit VPN. Reportedly, the users may face fraud, blackmail, extortion as their IP addresses, home addresses, phone models, device ID and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) are public.

Tue, 21 Sep 2021 - 06:21 PM / by Shiksha Dev

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