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IBM Bifurcates Itself To Focus On AI and Cloud Computing

Tech giant IBM on October 9 declared that the company will bifurcate itself into two public companies at a cost of $5 billion. Reportedly, the decision aims to focus on cloud computing and artificial intelligence. CEO Arvind Krishna stated that the new company, named NewCo, will have 90,000 employees and annual revenue of $19 bn while debuting the market next year. Post announcement, IBM registered a 6% rise in shares.

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IBM Designed its New Processor Chip; Samsung Set to Manufacture It

International Business Machines (IBM) on August 17 said it has designed a Power10 Processor Chip, a family of multi-core processors that are intended to be used in data centers. The processor can manage thrice the workload of its predecessor and is 20 times faster in Artificial Intelligence Computing, says IBM. The processor is set to be manufactured by Samsung Electronics.

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