Indian Origin Man In US killed

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Native Of Andhra Pradesh Dies In US After Hit By Train

A native of Andhra Pradesh, Srikanth Degala, a 39-year-old Indian-origin man has died in the US after a passenger train struck him when he was walking on tracks in New Jersey. Getting into details, the pedestrian was hit by an Amtrak train en route to Boston from Washington, when he was walking on the tracks east of Princeton Junction. He was pronounced dead on the scene, confirmed sources.

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Arindam Bagchi

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MEA Expresses Shock Over Indian-Origin Sikh Family Murder In California

Days after four members of an Indian-origin Sikh family were found dead in California, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs described it as "shocking". On October 7, the Union Ministry said its mission in San Francisco is following up on the matter with local authorities. "Local police authorities are actively probing the matter. Our mission in San Francisco is following up on it," said MEA Spokesperson Arindam Bagchi.

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Apoorva Mehta

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Instacart Founder, Executive Chairman Apoorva Mehta To Resign From Company

Apoorva Mehta, the founder and executive chairman of the US-based online grocery delivery business Instacart, has declared his intention to leave the company. As soon as Instacart becomes a publicly traded business, CEO Fidji Simo will take over as board chair. When Mehta stepped down as CEO of Instacart, Simo, a former Facebook… read-more

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Rishi Sunak

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Rishi Sunak Wins 1st Round Of UK PM Election, 6 Candidates Advance To 2nd Round

Rishi Sunak, an Indian-origin former Chancellor, emerged as the strongest candidate to succeed Boris Johnson as Conservative Party leader and UK Prime Minister, topping the poll in the first round of voting with 88 votes. Other survivors are Penny Mordaunt (67 votes), Liz Truss (50 votes), Kemi Badenoch (40 votes), Tom Tugendhat (37 votes), and Suella Braverman (32 votes). The second ballot is set for July 14. The winner will be declared on… read-more

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Kalwant Singh

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Singapore Executes Indian-Origin Man For Drug Trafficking

Punjab-origin Kalwant Singh, from Malaysia, along with another person, have been executed for the offence of drug trafficking. Singh became the second Indian-origin person to be hanged in Singapore for the offence of drug trafficking in the past three months. According to Singaporean laws, death penalty is inevitable, for persons caught for traficking heroin of 15 grams or more.

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US Detains Indian-Origin Tech Entrepreneur For Alleged $45 Million Investment Fraud

Neil Chandran, a 50-year-old Indian-origin tech entrepreneur, was detained in the United States on June 29 for alleged investment fraud. He is accused of defrauding over 10,000 individuals out of over $45 million, which netted him multiple expensive automobiles and real properties. Chandran operated a number of technology firms that he employed in a conspiracy to defraud investors by falsely guaranteeing exceptionally high profits based on… read-more

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Prisca Thevenot

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Indian-Origin Prisca Thevenot Elected In French Legislative Elections

Prisca Thevenot made history on June 19 when she became the first French woman of Indian origin to be elected to the legislature. Prisca's great grandfather emigrated to Mauritius from South India many years ago. She joined LREM (La République en Marche, President Emmanuel Macron's party) and ran for the LREM party in Hauts-de-Seine 8th seat in 2022 Legislative Election. She received 65.75 percent of the vote and was elected. 

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Raj Subramaniam

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Indian Origin American Raj Subramaniam Appointed As FedEx CEO

Indian-origin American Raj Subramaniam to head FedEx as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO.) FedEx current Chairman and CEO Frederick W Smith on March 28 announced his resignation. Smith said, "As we look toward what's next, I have a great sense of satisfaction that a leader of the caliber of Raj Subramaniam will take FedEx into a very successful future". Subramaniam will take over as CEO from June 1.

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Joe Biden, the US President

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Joe Biden Administration To Appoint 4 Indian-Americans As Advisors

The US President Joe Biden is going to appoint four Indian-Americans, Smita Shah, Ajay Bhutoria, Sonal Shah and Kamal Kalsi as advisory commissioners. The appointments made for President's Advisory Commission on Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and Pacific slanders (AANHPI) community, will work for their policies and ways to strengthen the community. Notably, the commission will work with private, public, non-profit organisations to work for… read-more

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CEO of French fashion house Chanel, Leea Nair

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French Fashion House Chanel Appoints Indian-Origin Leena Nair As CEO

India-origin Leea Nair has been appointed as a new global Chief Executive Officer of the French fashion house Chanel on December 14. The French company called her a ''visionary leader''. Thanking Chanel for the role, Nair said, ''It's a company that believes in the freedom of creating.'' Before joining Chanel, the 52-year-old Nair had been working with Unilever as the Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) for 30 years.

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