SpiceJet Flight

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DGCA Suspends SpiceJet Pilot’s License For ‘Endangering’ Passengers Lives

The licence of pilot-in command (PIC) of a SpiceJet flight has been suspended by Director General of Civil Aviation, informed sources on August 20. The suspension has come after the PIC’s co-pilot had asked him to not to fly through the clouds, rather skirt the clouds ahead, to which the PIC ignored. The Boeing B737 carried 195 passengers on board from Mumbai to Durgapur.

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Car Under Flight

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Maruti Car Stops Under Indigo Flight Before Take Off At Delhi Airport

In Delhi airport's Terminal T-2, a Maruti Swift Dezire stopped right under the nose area of Indigo flight VT-ITJ, on August 2. It was also noted that the car narrowly avoided collision with the aircraft. It was when the flight was set to take off to Patna, the vehicle appeared in the scene. A senior DGCA official ordered probe into the matter, and reportedly, the driver was not drunk.

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SpiceJet Flight

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Delhi HC Dismisses PIL Seeking To Stop Operations Of SpiceJet Flights Citing Safety Concerns

A Public Interest Litigation (PIL) was filed in the Delhi HC seeking to stop the operation of SpiceJet flights on the country, citing safety concerns over certain recent incidents. Hearing the plea, the court dismissed the petition on the grounds that "the court cannot stop a particular airline from operating based on averments in a PIL and press clippings". The court then stated that DGCA is looking into recent occurrences.

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Adam Harry

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India's First Transgender Pilot, Adam Harry, Awaits Flying Approval After DGCA Statement

Adam Harry, India's first transgender student pilot, says Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) made it clear that flying tasks cannot be allocated to people undergoing hormone therapy. He was told to reapply for a medical exam in order to obtain a commercial pilot license after DGCA stated that there are no limitations on transgender people being pilots. Harry claimed that the regulatory body's reassuring statements appear to be… read-more

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Emergency Landing Made By Three International Airline Planes In India In 48 Hours After Technical Issues

Three international airline planes made emergency landings in India in last 48 hours, according to Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), happened in Calicut, Chennai, and Kolkata on July 15 and July 16. Air Arabia flight at Cochin, Ethiopian Airlines aircraft at Kolkata airport, and Sri Lanka Airlines plane at Chennai airport all made emergency landings due to various technical problems. DGCA requested a thorough investigation into… read-more

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Jet Airways and SpiceJet

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Jet Airways Asks DGCA To Order SpiceJet To Remove Its Livery From Planes

Jet Airways requested DGCA to order SpiceJet to remove its livery from the plane. Jet Airways claims it is deceptive and a safety threat. A few of the airplanes that are still in service have the original Jet Airways airframe and tail colors. The report stated it is clear that an operator that flies its aircraft in another airline's livery can deceive the public about who the operator is. 

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DGCA Lays Down Conditions For Compensation When Airlines Deny Boarding To Passengers

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has laid down the conditions for compensation when a passenger is denied boarding. When boarding is denied to a passenger, the airlines must arrange an alternate flight within one hour. Failing to do so, the airlines is liable to pay Rs 10,000 and arrange an alternate flight withing 24 hours. The airlines is liable to pay Rs 20,000 if it exceeds 24 hours.

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Air Arabia Flight

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DGCA Orders Probe Into Air Arabia Flight's Emergency 'Mayday' Landing At Ahmedabad Airport

Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has announced an investigation into the matter of emergency 'Mayday' landing by an Air Arabia flight, on June 6. According to DGCA's statement, Air Arabia A320 Aircraft A6-AOT flight (Chittagong to Abu Dhabi), made an emergency landing at Ahmedabad Airport, after experiencing No.1 Engine Stall and Engine Fail ECAM warnings. DCGA will now conduct a preliminary investigation in consultation with… read-more

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Indigo Airline

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DGCA Revokes License Of Air Traffic Controller For Bengaluru Airport Take Off Incident

Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) on May 30, revoked the license of an Air Traffic Control officer for three months, who was involved in "breach of separation" at Bengaluru airport. On January 7, two IndiGo planes miraculously avoided colliding after being permitted to take off in same direction simultaneously. Flights 6E 455 (Bengaluru to Kolkata) and 6E 246 (Bengaluru to Bhubaneswar) took off concurrently from north and south… read-more

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Indigo Fined Rs 5 Lakh By DGCA For Denying Boarding To Special-Needs Child

Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) penalized Indigo Rs 5 lakh on May 28 after the airline denied boarding to a specially-abled youngster at Ranchi airport. A traveler waiting at the airport reported it on Facebook. IndiGo later stated that the boy “could not board the flight…as he was in a state of panic." The DGCA did not consider the airline company's response adequate and proceeded to penalize it.

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