Gaza Refugee explosion

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Another Explosion Reported In Refugee Camp Of Gaza

In Gaza's October 7 attack, the latest updates were reported. On November 1, Gaza's largest refugee camp was hit by a series of powerful explosions, killing many people. The Israeli military claimed that the airstrikes that caused the explosions killed a Hamas commander. After the explosion of refugee camp, Internet and communications were cut off in the Gaza Strip. Meanwhile, Egypt strongly denounced Israel's "inhumane targeting of a… read-more

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Journalist Arfa Khanum

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Indian Journalists Are Promoting Shameful Aggressor Propaganda, Says Journalist Arfa Khanum

Amid the ongoing Israel-Palestine war, Indian journalists are being criticised for their reporting. In the recent times, the netizens, especially on X, (Twitter) are raising questions on biased reporting. Journalist Arfa Khanum Sherwani tweeted, "Indian journalists on-ground are pretending to cover ‘War in West Asia’ by just reporting from Israel side. How can you claim to cover the war without reporting from Gaza? This is shameful propaganda… read-more

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Gaza attacks

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Israeli Military Issues Statement, Asks Gaza Citizens To Leave: Israel-Palestine War

In an official statement, the Israel administration asked Gazans to leave the region, amid the ongoing war and conflict. On October 13, the Israeli Military said they would operate significantly in the Gaza city, in the coming days, and therefore asked all the citizens to leave the city. "Civilians of Gaza City, evacuate  south for your own safety and the safety of your families, asking to escape Hamas terrorist.

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