Karnataka Constable Kishore with wife Pratibha

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Karnataka Constable Travels 230 Km To Kill Wife, Consume Insecticide

In a shocking incident, a constable from Karnataka, identified as D Kishore (32) killed his wife amid suspicion of an affair. Getting into the details, the accused traveled 230 km after his wife, Pratibha, didn't answer Kishore's 150 calls. Notably, Pratibha, a mother of a newborn baby, had a fight with Kishore and was staying with her parents when Kishore traveled and strangled her to death after consuming insecticide.

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Doctor leaves patient midway

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Doctor Leaves Operation Midway After Dispute Over Tea, Investigation Launched

In a shocking report from Nagpur, a doctor of government hospital allegedly left sterilization operation of women midway. What is bizarre is that Dr. Tejrang Bhalavi was scheduled to perform surgery on eight women, for family planning. However, he had dispute with the hospital staff over a cup of tea after conducting four women's operations. He then, left the remaining women in operation theater. An investigation is ordered against doctor.… read-more

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Delhi Man Narrates Harassment Incident, Says Touched Inappropriately By Woman

Recently, a man shared a rather unsettling encounter with a woman at an airport when he was returning from Delhi to Pune. The man in early 20s, recounted how he stood in a line where a middle-aged woman stood behind him, humming songs and touching him inappropriately. The ordeal shared under the ‘Delhi’ subreddit with title "Molested by Woman" has now gained widespread attention, leaving users in disbelief. 

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YouTuber Running Educational Channel Reacts To Comment "Baccha Paida Kaise Hota Hai"

Rakshita Singh, a YouTuber running educational channel, gave a befitting reply to a vulgar comment on her Biology lesson video. She was probably taking an online session on reproduction when a comment was made in bad light. The viewer asked her to carry out a practical of the process while demonstrating. To this, Singh said, "Dekh mai to married ni hu, mummy ne kar rakha hai. Mummy se puch."

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Thieves Take Advantage Of SRK B'day, 30 Phones Of Fans Outside Mannat Stolen

Birthday of Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan turned an opportunity for thieves, who stole valuables and mobile phones. More than 30 mobile phones of fans gathered outside 'Mannat' yesterday, stolen. The thieves took advantage of the crowd that had gathered there to catch a glimpse of Shah Rukh Khan on his birthday. Case registered at Bandra Police Station, said Mumbai Police. FIRs are registered regarding stolen items.

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Man orders milkshake gets urine mixed

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US Man Orders Milkshake From GrubHub, Says Drank Urinated Mix In It

US man was left shocked and disgusted after he received a cup of urine instead of the milkshake he ordered. Caleb Woods from Utah ordered fries and a milkshake from Chick-fil-A off the food delivery app GrubHub. He used a straw to take a sip of his milkshake and that's when he realised he drank urine, which was delivered by their agent. A video is going viral.

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Triple Talaq to woman for eyebrows

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Man Pronounce Triple Talaq Over Phone To Wife Amid Shaped Eyebrows

A Muslim woman from Kanpur registered a police complaint against her husband for pronouncing triple talaq, and in-laws for dowry harassment. Notably, after a year of marriage, Salim allegedly gave triple talaq to the woman, Gulsaiba for shaping her eyebrows. Yes, bizarre it sounds, Salim said talaq, talaq, talaq to Gul over phone from Saudi Arabia, simple because of Gulsaiba's fashion. A case has been registered and investigation launched.… read-more

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daughter taking injured father to hospital

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Odisha Girl Pedals 35km For Injured Father, Govt Comes To Rescue

In an inspiring story, 14-year-old Sujata Sethi, resident of Bhadrak, Odisha, pedaled 35kms on her father's trolley, and took him to a hospital for his treatment.  As per sources, Sujata's father sustained serious injuries during a local clash and was referred to district hospital. However, Sujata neither had money for private vehicle, nor mobile to call for ambulance, hence pedaled 35kms. After viral story, local MLAs contacted Sujata,… read-more

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Guntur Karam

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Mahesh Babu's Guntur Karam Poster Is Out, Netizens Discuss Sandals

Mahesh Babu’s much-anticipated film, Guntur Karam, has been generating considerable excitement as its release date approaches. A recent poster release for the film has sparked conversations and controversies, with fans taking note of the sandals worn by the actor in the image and their rumoured price. The sandals in question are reportedly from a company called Eco Aphrod and come with a price tag of approximately Rs 7,999. 

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Assam: 12 Year Old Jumps Into River For Not Buying Puja Clothes

In a distressing incident, a 12-year-old boy , who was reportedly saddened over not receiving new clothes for the Durga Puja festivities, leaped off a bridge and into the river at Golakganj in Assam’s Dhubri district. The deceased has been identified as Suman Roy, a student of class 8 at Gaikhowa Gandhigram Middle School. The drastic step of the kid has left the family in shock.

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