Hindu Idol Vandalised

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14 Hindu Temple Idol Vandalized In Bangladesh

In Bangladesh's Thakurgaon region, unidentified people vandalized 14 Hindu Temples in the wee hours of February 5, confirmed local sources. Mr Barman, the general secretary of the upazila's Puja Celebration Council, said some of the idols were destroyed while some were found in pond waters along the temple sites. He added, "We are in the dark about their (culprits) identity but we want to bring them to justice after investigations".

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People demanding Protect Hindus in Bangladesh.

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Hindu Population Decreases By 75 Lakh Over 50 Years In Bangladesh

The population of Hindus reduced to 75 lakh in 50 years, while the total population doubled in Bangladesh, according to the country's latest census of 2011. As per the first census, conducted in 1974, there were 13.4 percent Hindus but the latest census revealed Hindus making up 8.5 percent of the population. The reason behind this has been reported to be an outward migration and minimum fertility rate in Hindus.

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VHP Urge Subsidiaries To Aware Hindu Families On 'Love Jihad'

RSS' associate Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) has urged its subsidiaries -  Bajrang Dal and Durga Vahini - to aware Hindu families on Love Jihad. VHP spokesperson has said the faction will be more cautious to prevent such acts in future while helping the victims. Besides, it will also distribute awareness literature among Hindu families. However, VHP stated they are not against the inter-religious marriages unless there is a forceful conversion… read-more

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Youth offering Namaz at Temple

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Namaz In UP Temple: Hindu Outfits Demand Arrest Of Four Youths

Hindu outfits have demanded an arrest of four individuals, including two Muslims youths, for allegedly offering namaz inside a temple complex in Mathura district of UP. The matter surfaced after a photo became viral on social media, which also sparked outrage from Hindu groups. According to police, the four individuals belonged to an NGO and were en route to Delhi when the incident happened. Reportedly, rituals were performed to "… read-more

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