First Image of Mercury.

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First Image Of Mercury Send By Europe, Japan Jointly Made Spacecraft

The spacecraft, a joint effort of Europe and Japan, has sent its first black-and-white photo of Mercury on October 2. ''It's incredible to finally see our target planet,'' Spacecraft's Operations Manager, Elsa Montagnon said. The BepiColomo mission was launched in 2018 and two more probes will also be launched by 2025. It'll study Mercury's aspects such as magnetic field and exosphere.

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Plants Help In Reducing Mercury Level From Environment: Study

Research by the University of Massachusetts Lowell, US has revealed that plants reduce the level of mercury gas from the environment. The study, comprising data from over 200 studies, explained that over 88% of Mercury found in plants is absorbed from the environment through its leaves. Interestingly, global vegetation can absorb over 1,300 tonnes of mercury each year. Experts say high concentration of mercury can cause neurological and… read-more

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Mercury level is likely to rise in Delhi

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Mercury Level Likely To Rise In Delhi, Due to less Rainfall in September

The Indian Meteorological Department on September 15, announced that, due to the lack of rainfall in Delhi, mercury levels will rise over the next two days. According to the Meteorological department data, in the month of September, Delhi received less than 75% rainfall. Moreover, IMD stated that monsoon will stay longer in Delhi and will start withdrawing in the initial days of October.

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