Boat sinks in Libya

Photo: Punjab Kesari

At least 57 Migrants Die In Shipwreck Off Libyan Coast

As many as 57 people are missing and presumed dead after a boat carrying African migrants capsized off Libya's coast on July 26, United States Migration official Safa Mhsehli confirmed. Almost 18 of the migrants were rescued and taken to the shore by fishermen and Libya's coastguard. At least 20 women and two children were among those who drowned. The boat left on July 25 with 75 people on board. 

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Honduras migrants in Guatemala

Photo: The Guardian

Around 2,000 Honduras Migrants Enter Guatemala, Hope to Reach US

Nearly 2,000 migrants from Central America’s Honduras, with a view to proceed to the United States, reached Guatemala on October 1. Traveling by foot, they entered newly opened borders of Guatemala, which had been closed owing to the pandemic. Guatemala's President, Giammattei, ha pledged to detain the migrants and send them back. He added that the migrants posed a threat to Guatemalans’ health and the country’s efforts to contain Coronavirus… read-more

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Migrant Labourers

Photo: Deccan Herald

Centre Says 1.06 Crore Migrants Returned to Native States During Lockdown

The Central government on September 22 stated that more than 1.06 crore migrant labourers, including those travelling on foot, had returned to their native states during the nationwide lockdown. Reportedly, several migrant deaths have been caused by the road accidents but no official records have been maintained regarding the same. The Railway Ministry reported that 4,621 Shramik Special… read-more

Wed, 23 Sep 2020 - 08:57 AM / by Tania Mukhopadhyay

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People moving into capms after the fire broke at Moria Camp

Photo: TIME

Greece to Construct New Migrant Centre in Lesbos After Moria Burns Down

Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced the construction of a new and 'permanent migrant centre' in Lesbos. The decision came after the overpopulated camp in Moria caught fire last week, leaving more than 12,000 people without shelter. While the migrants are seeking an opportunity to settle in other European Union countries, the people of Lesbos are also resisting the 'permanent migrant center' saying it will overcrowd the small island. 

Mon, 14 Sep 2020 - 02:55 AM / by Nitesh Kumar Singh

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