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Akshay Kumar Starrer OMG 2 Is 4th Highest Gross In Adult Film

Released on August 16, Akshay Kumar starrer OMG 2, became the fourth highest gross adult movie of Bollywood. The movie which was 'A' certified by the censor board has now entered the club of films with highest gross in Adults, including Kabir Singh and The Kashmir Files, which are in top two positions. On the third position is The Kerala Story and fourth is now OMG 2 with 135.5 crores.

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Akshay Kumar- Sadhguru

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Sadhguru Praises 'OMG 2', Shouldn't Get 'A Certificate

After the special premiere of "OMG 2" Spiritual leader Sadhguru said, the film didn't deserve to be given an 'A' (Adult only) certificate. He said, it is critical "educate young people on how to handle their bodily needs." He said the film needs to reach a larger audience. Notably, on August 8, Akshay Kumar and Pankaj Tripathi's starter film had a special screening at Isha Yoga Centre in Coimbatore.

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Awaited OMG 2 Trailer Is Finally Out, Watch Here

The awaited OMG 2 trailer video begins with a voiceover from Lord Shiva, who tells Nandi that one of his devotees is about to face a calamity of sorts and asks him to send a messenger to help him out. Then Pankaj Tripathi's character Kanti Sharan Mudgal is introduced who files a case against a school after his son is involved in a scandal and expelled.

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OMG 2 Gets A Certificate By Censor With 27 Changes

The Censor Board has approved the film and given an 'A' certificate to the Akshay Kumar starrer- 'OMG 2' with 27 modifications. The changes include “modified the entire portrayal pf the character Shiv ji and presented him as a devotee and messenger of God. Other changes include deleted of ‘frontal nudity and suitably replaced with visual of Naga Sadhus’ and removed the ‘poster of Mood X condom on the billboard.

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OMG 2 Gets Certificate 'A' Approval By Censor Board For Films

Akshay Kumar starrer "OMG 2" finally got an 'A' certificate approval from the Censor Board. In the approval, the Central Board of Film Certification gave no cuts to the movie, however, gave 25 modifications to the film. Written and directed by Amit Rai, the film also stars Pankaj Tripathi, Yami Gautam Dhar, Govind Namdev and Arun Govil in pivotal roles, and is set to release on August 11.

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OMG 2 Release Soon, Fans Flood Twitter With #OMG2

Ahead of the release of OMG 2, fans are super excited about the film and its trailer. The sequel of the 2012 film, OMG, the movie starring Akshay Kumar as Lord Shiva and Pankaj Tripathi as 'Bhakt" of Lord Shiva, is making the audience intrigued about the film, with high expectations. Furthermore, Twitter is flooded with praises for the film with #OMG2 #Akshaykumar, and awaits release, on August 11.

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Oonchi Oonchi Wadi From OMG 2 Is Trending On #17

"OMG 2" makers released the "Oonchi Oonchi Wadi" song on July 18. The soothing song is a devotion to Lord Shiva and is released officially on the YouTube channel of Zee Music Company. Composed by Hansraj Raghuwanshi, Raahi, Djstrings and sung by Hansraj. In the video of the music, Pankaj Tripathi is seen worshipping Lord Shiva, played by Akshay Kumar, and has gained two million trending on #17.

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OMG 2: Censor Board Put Hold, Send To Revision Committee

After the recent controversy of "Adipurush", the Censor Board is being cautious and ensuring approval after proper review. Notably, the Akshay Kumar and Pankaj Tripathi starter "OMG:2" is being sent to the revision committee, putting on hold. The board will review the film, to make sure, there is no scene which could hurt religious sentiments and raise controversy amongst the audience. The film is set to release on August 11… read-more

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