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125 Landmarks Lit In Purple To Support Disabled Community

Nearly 125 landmarks were lit in purple light to recognize and to support the 1.2 billion people with disabilities around the world. Some of the notable landmarks were the Empire State Building, the London Eye, Tokyo's Sky-tree, and Rome's Colosseum. Around 30 countries participated in the "#wethe15campign". Reportedly, "the event, calls for an inclusion and equal treatment as the Paralympics are set to begin in Tokyo next week".

Sat, 21 Aug 2021 - 09:15 AM / by Balaji L

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The European Space Agency hopes to launch it's first physically disabled astronaut.

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European Space Agency To Hire First-Ever Physically Disabled Astronaut

The world's first physically disabled astronaut hopes to make its debut through the European Space Agency. According to the agency's head, Josef Aschbacher in the recent recruitment process, over 22,000 applications were received out of which a several hundreds belonged to para-astronauts who are physically challenged. Furthermore, the head added, “But I’m also happy for ESA because it shows that space is for everyone” and not just for the… read-more

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9-year-old Madhu Kumar

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Inspiring: 9-year-old Boy Without Limbs Creates Artworks With Mouth

What could be called as an inspiring incident, a 9-year-old Telangana boy, who had lost his hands and legs in an accident, is making beautiful paintings from his mouth. The boy, Madhu Kumar, hails from Medak district and had met the accident September last year. However, within six months of the accident, Madhu started creating artworks. He was guided to make sketches by wielding a paintbrush in his mouth by artist Dr Samudra Harsha.

Fri, 01 Jan 2021 - 10:40 AM / by Ashly Ann Varghese

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