Elon Musk

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Elon Musk Promises To Revitalize The Company: Annual Revenue 26.4 Billion USD By 2028

According to the New York Times Elon Musk aimed to increase Twitter's annual revenue to  26.4 billion USD by 2028. Advertising will fall to 45% , subscriptions are expected to pull 10 billion USD, average revenue per Twitter user to 30.22 USD by 2028. He has promised to revitalize the company with the expectation of 11,072 employees by 2025. On May 5 Musk listed the names of high profile investors. 

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PM Modi on New York Times' Front Page.

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NY Times Clarifies: We Never Say PM Modi Is The ''Last, Best Hope Of Earth''

The New York Times, on September 29, clarified in its tweet that it didn't publish any news on its front page praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit to the USA last week. Reportedly, a fake image had gone viral of the new paper stating on the top, ''Last, Best Hope of Earth'' along with the picture of Modi. ''This is a completely fabricated image,'' tweeted the NYTimes Communications.

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PM Narendra Modi

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NY Times Invites Applicants With Criminal Record, 'Anti-Hindu', 'Anti-Modi'

The New York Times has posted a controversial job description on July 1 for those adhering to anti-Hindu and anti-Modi views to work as a South Asia Business Correspondent in New Delhi. Furthermore, it stated that any qualified applicants are welcome, “including those with criminal histories.” Besides, it claimed Narendra Modi 'has moved to rival China's economic and political heft in Asia-a drama that plays out along their tense border'.

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The First Woman Copy Writer Betsy Wade Dies At Age Of 91

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First Woman Copy Editor Of The Times Dies At 91; Pioneer of "Ms." Word

The New York Times' first woman copy editor, Betsy Wade, passed away at 91 on December 3. She had also fought a legal case against the newspaper over its gender-biased policies. Interestingly, Wade pioneered the use of "Ms.", instead of "Mrs." or "Miss", for women in news articles of The Times. Wade became the first woman to lead 'NewsGuild' and had received the lifetime achievement award of the Silurians Press Club in 2016.

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