Israel Gaza Attack

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Israel strikes ambulance near Gaza hospital, 15 reported killed

An Israeli air strike on an ambulance being used to evacuate the wounded from besieged northern Gaza killed 15 people and injured 60 others on Friday, the Hamas-controlled enclave's health ministry said. Israel's military said it had identified and hit an ambulance "being used by a Hamas terrorist cell". It said Hamas fighters were killed in the strike, and accused the group of transferring militants and weapons in ambulances.

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Gaza-Israel Attack

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Just In: Hamas Likely To Release 50 People With Dual Nationality

In a breaking news, there is a possible release of Dual Nationality Hostages by Hamas. On October 23, an Israeli military official said, there's a chance that Hamas might release approximately 50 dual-nationality prisoners. As per sources, Hamas has also issued a warning, indicating that a ground invasion could potentially decrease the likelihood of the hostages being… read-more

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PM Modi-Palestine President

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PM Modi Calls Palestine President, Express Condolences Over Gaza Attack

PM Narendra Modi spoke to Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas, amid the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict. In a phone conversation, Modi shared deep concern" over terrorism, violence and deteriorating security situation in the region. PM Modi also said, the Indian Government will send humanitarian assistance for the Palestinian people. Modi tweeted, "Conveyed my condolences at the loss of civilian lives at the Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza."

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Journalist Arfa Khanum

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Indian Journalists Are Promoting Shameful Aggressor Propaganda, Says Journalist Arfa Khanum

Amid the ongoing Israel-Palestine war, Indian journalists are being criticised for their reporting. In the recent times, the netizens, especially on X, (Twitter) are raising questions on biased reporting. Journalist Arfa Khanum Sherwani tweeted, "Indian journalists on-ground are pretending to cover ‘War in West Asia’ by just reporting from Israel side. How can you claim to cover the war without reporting from Gaza? This is shameful propaganda… read-more

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Alam Basha

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20 Year Old Man In Jail For Uploading Proactive Slogans Supporting Palestine

In Bengaluru, a 20-year-old Alam Basha has been arrested for sharing proactive status, supporting Palestine on WhatsApp. Alam allegedly uploaded the questionable slogans on social media platforms by some users with knowledge of the case and local media reports. He is arrested under sections 108 and 151 of the CrPC, by the Vijay Nagar Police station. Basha will be produced before the magistrate on October 13. 

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Arindam Bagchi

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India Supports Establishment Of Palestine: Foreign Ministry of India

On October 12, the BJP-led Indian Government, extended support to Palestine, amid the ongoing conflict Israel-Palestine. Arindam Bagchi, the spokesperson of the External Affairs Ministry said, "India always advocated the resumption of direct negotiations towards establishing a sovereign, independent and viable state of Palestine, living within secure and recognised borders, side by side at peace with Israel. I think that position remains the… read-more

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Israel attacj

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Israel-Hamas War, Death crosses 3000 Mark

Amid the ongoing war, Israel is preparing to intensify the attack by launching ground attacks in Gaza. The Israeli army is mobilizing its members in southern Israel and reservists with heavy military equipment, confirmed sources. Moreover, the death toll is over 3,000, in total. Meanwhile, Israel announced that they have recaptured control of southern Israel bordering Gaza. Meanwhile, the situation is likely to worsen with intensified war.… read-more

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Madhura Naik

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Madhura Naik Shares Cold Blood Murder Of Families Amid Israel-Palestine War

Madhura Naik, an Indian TV actor, said her cousin sister and her husband were murdered in "cold blood" in front of their children. In a video message shared on Instagram, the Naagin actor, a Jew of Indian origin, said, "The grief and emotions my family face cannot be expressed in words. As of today, Israel is in pain and the streets are burning in flames in the wrath of Hamas."

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Asaduddin Owaisi

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Asaduddin Owaisi Shares His View Regarding Israel-Palestine Conflict

Hyderabad MP and AIMIM Chief Asaduddin Owaisi, shared his opinion over Israel-Palestine conflict, and Hamas attack. Addressing the media, Owaisi said, "... A late BJP leader once said about Palestine that land worth billions has been acquired. We had released a post stamp for solidarity with Palestine..." He added, "The Gaza Strip has been blocked for the last 16 years... It is an open-air prison."

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Jerusalem Attack

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Gunman Opened Fire At Jerusalem Bus In Early Hours, 8 Wounded

In the early hours of August 14, a gunman opened fire at a bus near Jerusalem's Old City. In the attack, eight Israelis were wounded, of which two are in critical condition, being treated at an Israeli hospital.  The attack is suspected by Palestinians after violence flared up between Israel and militants in Gaza. Israeli police forces were dispatched to the scene to begin investigations in the attack.

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