Shanghai Disneyland

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Shanghai Disneyland Reopens Despite Increasing Concerns Of COVID-19 Pandemic

Shanghai Disneyland, a theme park of Walt Disney, reopened its doors for tourists on June 30 despite the growing threat of a new Covid-19 pandemic as cases soar in other areas of China. Thousands of people visited the theme park on its opening day following a three-month closure. Since then, a large number of people have been arriving at the resort as the park tickets sold out rapidly. 

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Shanghai, Most Expensive City In World: Global Wealth & Lifestyle Report 2022

The Julius Baer Group Ltd.'s 2022 global wealth and lifestyle report is the worldwide disparity in price growth and monetary policy, which ranks the world's most costly cities by examining the cost of residential property, vehicles, travel, schools, and other pleasures. Shanghai topped the list once again, with London taking second place from Tokyo, which dropped to eight. New York was ranked eleven and Moscow was dropped from the list. 

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Shanghai Closes Half Of Its Make-Shift Hospitals After Reporting 194 New COVID Cases

Shanghai reported 194 fresh cases of COVID-19, 1,487 silent carriers on May 13. Shanghai closed half of its make-shift hospitals. Local health officials warned of possible epidemic rebounds in Shanghai where prevention works have poor foundation. Yangpu District reported 549 new infections on May 12, three times the number recorded the previous day. Global supply chain took a hit as Shanghai is China's main export centre.

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China Flag

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China's Violence On Human Rights, Urges Support From International Community

Viral videos on social show President Xi Jinping's enforces in white medical-isolation gowns beating people up and more, amid strict pandemic rules. The zero-covid-19-policy is misery for Shanghai residents, people are crowded together with insufficient food, water, and basic necessities. The cruelty of the Chinese Government has raised awareness and is being spoken about globally with protests for human rights. Shanghai, China people even… read-more

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Shanghai Authorities Erects Barriers Outside Streets To Restrict Movement

In another extreme step, the local Shanghai authorities have now erected barriers outside streets and apartments in the city to restrict movement. The city has recently been under a strict lockdown amid a spike in Covid cases. A few days ago, a video of locked-down Shanghai residents had gone viral on social media. In the clip, the helpless residents shouting from their balconies, had gone viral on the internet.

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Tesla logo

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Tesla Resumes Operations In China's Shanghai

Electric car-maker Tesla has resumed its operations in China's Shanghai, following new instructions issued by local authorities. The manufacturing director at the Tesla Shanghai plant has shared that they plan to increase the output over the next few days. The Shanghai plant was the very first Tesla plant to be based outside the United States. Shanghai had recently been under a stringent Covid-related lockdown which had disrupted lives and … read-more

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Formula 1.

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Formula 1 Extends Contract With China Until 2025: Chinese Grand Prix

Making a big announcement, Formula 1 said it has decided to extend the contract with the Chinese Grand Prix to conduct the championship in China until 2025. It had made its debut at the Shanghai International Circuit in 2004 and the last race was conducted in the country on 2019. ''This is great news for all of our fans in China,'' said Formula 1's President and CEO Stefano Domenicali. 

Sat, 06 Nov 2021 - 03:13 PM / by Brijesh Goswami

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2023 AFC Asian Cup Emblem.


AFC Asian Cup Emblem Disclosed At Shanghai's Pudong Stadium

China has unveiled the emblem of the 2023 AFC Asian Cup at Pudong Football Stadium in Shanghai. The emblem based on the original logo has been colored with red and yellow to represent China and its ''oriental civilization''. The 24 rays that encircle the emblem represent the football teams from 24 Asian nations. While the 10 beams coming out from rays represent the 10 host cities.

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Men stand by a car near a coal-fired power plant in Shanghai

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China Govt Plans Intervention To Ease Power Crunch

China's thermal coal future sank about 13 %, extending the losses. The government plans to intervene and reduce the surging prices of the commodity to help the electricity producers in the widespread power crunch. Moreover, the country's security regulator has asked future exchanges to raise fees, restrict trading quotas, and crack down on speculation in response to high coal prices.

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The J Hotel in Shanghai

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Shanghai's New Luxurious Hotel Built On Skyscraper's 120th Floor 

Shanghai has developed the world's highest luxury hotel on 120th floor of a skyscraper. At 2,000 ft. the "J Hotel" gives 24-hour butler service styled with saunas, swimming pools and expensive suites. Although the pandemic had delayed the opening, it has started accepting guests with an opening celebration offer of 3,088 yuan or Rs 35,501 for restaurant and 67,000 yuan or Rs 7,70,278 for one-night suite experience.

Sun, 27 Jun 2021 - 10:36 AM / by Aditi Chavan

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