NASA Images Of Erupting Kavachi Volcano

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NASA Shares Images Of Erupting Kavachi Volcano, Most Known For Shark Inhabitants

According to NASA, the Kavachi volcano in the Solomon Islands, one of the most active undersea volcanoes in the Pacific Ocean, is emitting more plumes. After a 2015 expedition revealed two kinds of sharks living within the active crater, the underwater volcano was called "Sharkcano." NASA disclosed satellite photographs of the erupting underwater volcano. The sharks are unaffected by the eruption since they are adapted to live in harsh… read-more

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Red Algae Forces Sharks To Seek Shelter In Backyard Canals In Florida

The blooming of the toxic algae known as “red tide” in the ocean during the dry season has forced sharks to seek shelter in the backyard canals of people at Florida's Longboat Key. The algae not only cause irritation in the animals but also turn the ocean’s water into tangerine red, diminish oxygen levels and help accumulate toxins in the water. Besides, agricultural and fertiliser runoff contributes to its formation.

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Scientists Discover Fossils Of 93 Million-year-old Shark Species; Possesses Wing-Like Fins

Scientists recently discovered fossils of bizarre shark species, which possessed wing-like fins. Known as 'Aquilolamna milarcae', these sharks are believed to be around 93 million-year-old who used to roam in seas of northern Mexico. Interestingly, these extinct creatures were present during dinosaur's era, said Vertebrate palaeontologist Romain Vullo. Besides, showcasing a head-to-toe length of 5 feet, its fin measured 6 feet. Believed to be… read-more

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Disappearance Rate Of Sharks Accelerated By 71% In Last 50 Years: Study

The disappearance rate of sharks has accelerated and their population has nosedived by 71% in about five decades, indicated a new study. According to study researcher Dr Richard Sherley, the main reason behind the sharks' disappearance is over-fishing. Moreover, scientists have alarmed that 24 species of shark among 31 studied are threatened with extinction and three shark species have been put under critically endangered category by the IUCN… read-more

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