Myanmar military ruler takes over as the prime minister of country until 2023

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Myanmar Military Leader Becomes PM, Swears To Hold Elections By 2023

Six months after the coup, Myanmar's military leader and ruler Min Aung Hlaing, took over the governance declaring himself as Myanmar's PM until 2023. Myanmar Junta in February 2021 overthrew and captured the elected prime minister Aung San Suu Kyi seizing power from the civilian government and declared a state of emergency. Hlaing on August 1 promised that the country will hold a fair election in 2023.

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Pray for Myanmar

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Miss Universe Contestant Pleads, Requests People To "Pray For Myanmar" 

Myanmar's Miss Universe contestant Ma Thuzar Wint Lwin used the global platform to speak against the military coup in the country, seizing the power on February 1. Walking in her national costume, Lwin held a placard saying "Pray for Myanmar" and in a video, she stated, "People are dying and being shot by the military every day." Further, she requested everyone to speak against the seizure of power.

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Myanmar Military Junta leader General Min Aung Hlaing

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Myanmar Junta Leader To Join ASEAN's Special Summit On Myanmar Crisis

The Myanmar military junta leader General Min Aung Hlaing will join a special ASEAN summit at which many South-East Asian leaders have confirmed their attendance. Reportedly, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations - a 10-country bloc - will meet in Jakarta on April 24 to address the escalating tensions in Myanmar following the military takeover. Notably, General Min came to power after the military coup in Myanmar on February 1. 

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Protest in Myanmar against Military coup.

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India Demands Release Of Myanmar Leaders, Condemns Military Violence

In a closed UN Security Council meeting on March 31, India cleared its stand over Myanmar's political situation as it condemned the military coup and violence in the country. Giving details, Indian envoy to the UN TS Trimurti said that he condoled the loss of lives, urged maximum restraint and urged commitment to the democratic transition in Myanmar. Besides, India also batted for the immediate release of the detained leaders. 

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Myanmar protests against military rule.

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Non-Essential Diplomats Need To Return From Myanmar: US State Deptt

Non-essential diplomats of the US in Coup-infested Myanmar have been ordered to return by the State Department, citing increased number of casualties. As per the department, the demonstrations against Myanmar forces are expected to continue and number of casualties that has already crossed hundreds can go further upwards. Earlier, in February, the department had issued the "voluntary departure" order for non-emergency US government employees… read-more

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Military Coup In Myanmar

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Over 250 Myanmarese Enter India As Myanmar Military Turn Coercive

At least 264 Myanmarese, including 198 Myanmar police officials, have crossed the north-eastern border of India to enter Mizoram amid worsening political turmoil in Myanmar. After the February 1 coup, the Myanmar Military authorities have killed at least 70 people and have been "beating and torturing" protesters. While Indian authorities have reportedly "pushed back" eight Myanmarese, dozens of the latter await to enter Indian territory.

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Sister Ann Rose Nu Twang kneeling before Myanmar Junta.

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Myanmar Nun Kneels Before Police, Offers Her Life To Protect Civilians

Catholic nun Sister Ann Rose Nu Twang's photo, wherein she can be seen kneeling before Myanmar's Junta forces while begging them not to shoot the anti-coup protestors and children, has gone viral. The nun has asked the forces to take her life and spare the children and civilians. However, the forces did not stop and opened fire on the protestors, causing two deaths. "I'm very sad it happened as I was begging them," she said.

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Refugees entering Myanmar.

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Mizoram CM Assures Food, Shelter To Refugees Fleeing Myanmar

Mizoram CM Zoramthanga on March 8 announced to offer food and shelter to Myanmar refugees who fled from their country following the recent military coup. Sources informed, several low-ranking Myanmar police officers with their families have entered the Mizoram. While CM Zoramthanga said between 20-30 Myanmar natives are in Mizoram, a police official claimed the number to be 100. However, the Centre is yet to take a final call on how to handle… read-more

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Myanmar protests against military rule.

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Myanmar Military's YouTube Channels Removed Amidst Ongoing Coup

As a measure amidst the ongoing Myanmar military coup, YouTube took down several Myanmar military-owned channels from its platform. The channels removed include state network, Myanmar Radio and Television, military's Myawaddy Media, MWD Variety, and MWD Myanmar. Reportedly, more platforms are finding measures to regulate military content as the civilians are now threatened even via TikTok. Earlier, Facebook was banned by the military after it… read-more

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