Man orders milkshake gets urine mixed

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US Man Orders Milkshake From GrubHub, Says Drank Urinated Mix In It

US man was left shocked and disgusted after he received a cup of urine instead of the milkshake he ordered. Caleb Woods from Utah ordered fries and a milkshake from Chick-fil-A off the food delivery app GrubHub. He used a straw to take a sip of his milkshake and that's when he realised he drank urine, which was delivered by their agent. A video is going viral.

Wed, 01 Nov 2023 - 05:41 PM / by Varsha Joshi

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US Man

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Florida Man Beats Cheating Wife's Lover With Bat

In the United States, Florida, 33-year-old John Dimmig allegedly beat wife's lover with a bat. On July 7, John went to an Airbnb and caught his wife, Christie Barbato, in bed with a colleague, a CT technician.  In anger, the accused started beating John and is now facing an attempt to murder charges. ""I felt like he was trying to murder me," said the accused. A case is registered for investigation. 

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Man who got pig heart

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US Man Becomes 1st To Get Genetically Modified Pig Heart

Devid Bennett, a US man becomes world's first person to have a genetically modified pig heart. The seven hour long surgery was conducted at University of Maryland Medical Centre, in US. Suffering from a terminal hert disease, prior to the surgery Bennett said, "It was either die or do transplant situation." Although, the successful surgery gave a life span to 57-year-old Bennett, survival chances is uncertain, said doctors. 

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