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Australia Chooses Washington Over Beijing Through AUKUS Deal; Experts Criticize

Australia has chosen its side of Washington over Beijing by signing the new security deal called AUKUS with the US and UK on September 17. It's a departure from the balancing act that Canberra held for the last 20 years. However, experts raised eyebrows over Australia's decision by calling "Canberra has provoked China needlessly." Experts also warned that this emerging reliant on the US can proliferate tension in the Indo-Pacific. 

Sat, 18 Sep 2021 - 09:10 AM / by Shiksha Dev

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Jeff Origin

Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin Recieves 'Toxic & Sexist' Work Culture Remarks

An open letter by 21 former and current Blue Origin employees has accused Jeff Bezos and his company of fostering a work culture that's "toxic" and "sexist". The post, led by former employee communications head Alexandra Abrams, also gave… read-more


An explosion.

Afghanistan: Some Civilians Died In A Bomb Blast At Eidgah Mosque In Kabul

The Taliban spokesman, on October 3, said a bomb targeted at the entrance of the Eidgah mosque exploded in Kabul, leaving a number of civilians dead. A memorial service was being held in the Eidgah Mosque for the mother of Taliban spokesman… read-more

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Journalists Maria Ressa And Dmitry Muratov.

Journalists Maria Ressa And Dmitry Muratov Win Nobel Peace Prize 2021

The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded this year to Philippines' journalist Maria Ressa and Russia's Dmitry Muratov on October 8 by Norway's Nobel Committee. They were honored "for their courageous fight for freedom of expression" in their respective… read-more

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Human Feces

Feces Of Salt Miners Provide Oldest Evidence Of Cheese Ripening In Europe: Research

Researchers claim that feces of salt-miners contain the oldest traces of cheese-ripening in Europe. The finding was made by examining samples of human-feces found at the core of Hallstatt-mine in Austrian-Alps, on October 13. Researchers examined… read-more

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China’s Lunar Rock Samples Show Lava Flowed On Moon

China's Chang'e-5 mission revealed that the moon's surface oozed lava, some 2 billion years ago. A chemical analysis of the volcanic rocks confirmed that the moon remained volcanically active much more longer than its size would suggest possible… read-more

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Melbourne Plans To Exit World's Longest Covid-19 Lockdown

The Australian government has made some changes in the decision to exit the Covid-19 lockdown on October 21, even if the cases are hovering at record levels. However, the residents of Melbourne have been under the COVID lockdown since August, due… read-more

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