Gaza Refugee camp site

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Gaza Refugee Blast: Aljazeera's Engineer Lost 19 Family Members

Qatar-based news outlet Al Jazeera said that an employee working with the news agency lost 19 family members, including his father and two sisters when Israel bombed the Jabalia refugee camp. The refugee camp was home to over 116,000 Palestinian refugees. “Al Jazeera vehemently condemns the heinous and indiscriminate Israeli bombing that has resulted in the killing of 19 family members of dedicated SNG engineer, Mohamed Abu Al-Qumsan.

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Gaza Refugee explosion

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Another Explosion Reported In Refugee Camp Of Gaza

In Gaza's October 7 attack, the latest updates were reported. On November 1, Gaza's largest refugee camp was hit by a series of powerful explosions, killing many people. The Israeli military claimed that the airstrikes that caused the explosions killed a Hamas commander. After the explosion of refugee camp, Internet and communications were cut off in the Gaza Strip. Meanwhile, Egypt strongly denounced Israel's "inhumane targeting of a… read-more

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Israel attack

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Israel-Hamas War: Tel Aviv Has Ordered To Cut Off All Supplies To Gaza.

The United States has moved an aircraft carrier, ships, and jets to the eastern Mediterranean in the wake of the war between Israel and Hamas militants in Palestine. US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said that fighter jets are also likely to be sent. Palestinians evacuated after an Israeli airstrike in Gaza City on October 9. Tel Aviv formally declared war on Sunday following unprecedented large-scale attacks by Gaza-based Palestinian… read-more

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Israel attack

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Advisory Issued For Indian Nationals Amid Gaza-Israel Attack

Following the rocket attacks on Israel from the Gaza Strip by Hamas, the Indian Embassy in Israel on Saturday issued an advisory for its nationals, requesting them to remain vigilant and observe safety protocols. "In view of the current situation in Israel, all Indian nationals in Israel are requested to remain vigilant, and observe safety protocols as advised by local authorities. Please exercise caution, avoid unnecessary movement."

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