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Russian Film Crew To Return To Earth; Completes Shooting In Space

After staying 12 days on International Space Station (ISS) filming scenes for the first movie ''The Challenge'' in orbit, a Russian actress and director were scheduled to return to Earth on October 17. Reportedly, The film revolves around a female surgeon sent to ISS to save a cosmonaut. If the film proceeds on schedule, it'll beat a Hollywood project launched by ''Mission Impossible'' actor Tom Cruise, NASA, and SpaceX.

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Squid launched with Spaceship

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NASA Sends Baby Squids To Space For Research

To study human health during long space missions, NASA has sent a baby Hawaiian bobtail squid to the International Space Station. Understanding what happens to squids in space can potentially help in solving health issues in astronauts. NASA's principal investigator, Jamie Foster stated this will also help us in studying the immune system behaviour and its relationships with the microbes present in space which are known to cause health issues… read-more

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Mouse Sperm Survives In Space For 6 Years, Produces 168 Healthy Mice

Three boxes of 48 ampoules containing freeze-dried mouse sperms have reportedly survived in the ISS and produced healthy "pups". The sperms were brought back to earth and rehydrated producing 168 off-springs. Reportedly, they have not shown any kinds of birth defects or genetic mutations after being exposed to high levels of cosmic radiation for six years. The research was led by Japanese developmental biologist Teruhiko Wakayama and his team… read-more

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SpaceX launches supply rocket with 7,300 pounds of fresh food and supplies.

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SpaceX Supply Rocket Carrying Avacado, Squid, Toothpaste Heads To ISS

Elon Musk’s SpaceX launched a supply mission on June 3 carrying around 7,300 pounds of fresh food and supplies, which includes lemons, onions, avocados and even fresh seafood. Reportedly, the rocket is set to reach the International Space Station on June 5. The Dragon cargo capsule, a brand new addition, is also carrying the first of three shipments of high tech solar panels to improve on the old power grid.

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International Space Station was recently damaged by space debris. No long lasting damage has occurred.


Space Debris Hits International Space Station; No Serious Damage

A piece of space debris or space junk has recently hit the International Space Station, damaging its robotic arm. However, the damage is unlikely to affect the functioning of the arm but repairs in the station are challenging, international media reported. The damage was noticed first on May 12 during an inspection. The robotic arm, called "Canadarm2", is used for moving object outside the station and maintenance of the ISS.

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China Successfully Launches Cargo Resupply Spacecraft Tianzhou-2

China on May 29 successfully launched an automated cargo resupply spacecraft, Tianzhou-2 from Wenchang Space Launch Center in the southern islands of Hainan. The spacecraft, said to autonomously dock with key module Tianhe, will supply necessities to astronauts and propellant to maintain the orbital altitude. China's three-module space station is set to rival the International Space Station backed by the United States, Russia and Japan.

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Representational image of satellite

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ISRO To Send 'Data Relay Satellite' To Track Gaganyaan Mission

To establish better contact throughout the Gaganyaan Mission, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) will launch a 'data relay satellite' before the last stage of the mission. Reportedly, the Rs 800 crore project will serve as the medium to pass information from the Ganganyaan spacecraft to the ground stations on Earth by avoiding issues at the blind spots. The first leg Gaganyaan mission-unmanned will launch in December 2021.

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Falcon 9

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Elon Musk's SpaceX Sends Third NASA Crew To Space Mission

Elon Musk backed SpaceX launched the 'Falcon 9' rocket from the Kennedy Space Center with four ‘NASA Crew-2’ astronauts to the International Space Station on April 23. The astronauts will join seven others aboard the orbiting laboratory in a day-long journey. After launching the company’s third human spaceflight in less than a year, Musk said “it’s hard to believe that we’re here doing this…It feels like a dream.”

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Space mission

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Space X Preps 4 Astronauts To International Space Station On April 22

Elon Musk owned Space X will launch four astronauts to the International Space Station on April 22. Carrying first European citizen, the space flight will be a part of Space X’s second regular mission since the US resumed crewed space travel. The mission ‘Crew-2’ with experienced previously flown astronauts onboard will lift-off at scheduled 6:11 AM eastern standard time from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. 

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Newly Found Bacteria At ISS Named After India's Seyed Ajmal Khan

Researchers from NASA, along with the University of Hyderabad, have named a bacterial species in International Space Station (ISS) after an Indian biodiversity scientist Seyed Ajmal Khan. Named as 'Methylobacterium ajmalii', the novel strain belonged to the family of bacteria called 'Methylobacteriaceae'. Interestingly, rod-shaped bacteria are believed to have the potential to grow crops in the space that facilitates space farming. However,… read-more

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