Akshay Kumar- Sadhguru

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Sadhguru Praises 'OMG 2', Shouldn't Get 'A Certificate

After the special premiere of "OMG 2" Spiritual leader Sadhguru said, the film didn't deserve to be given an 'A' (Adult only) certificate. He said, it is critical "educate young people on how to handle their bodily needs." He said the film needs to reach a larger audience. Notably, on August 8, Akshay Kumar and Pankaj Tripathi's starter film had a special screening at Isha Yoga Centre in Coimbatore.

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Himanta Sarma and Sadhguru

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Police Complaint Filed Against Assam CM Himanta Sarma & Sadhguru For Night Jeep Safari At Kaziranga National Park

A police complaint has been filed against Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma and Sadhguru for allegedly violating the wildlife protection laws. The complaint has come after the duo went on a night keep safari to the Kaziranga National Park. Sarma retaliated, stating that there is law that prohibits visiting a national park at night. The complainants claimed that visiting the park beyond the working hours, is a violation.

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Goel Ganga Group MD Atul Goel

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Goel Ganga Group Extends Support To Sadhguru's Save Soil Movement

Pune-based Goel Ganga Group announced their support to Sadhguru's "Save Soil" movement. On June 18, Atul Goel, the Managing Director of the Goel Ganga Group, met Sadhguru, 65-year-old spiritual leader during his Save Soil Movement journey, and said, "We consider it a joy to collaborate with the Isha Foundation on this worthwhile endeavour. We will always share the word about soil safety." Statements came during a Pune-event held for Sadhguru… read-more

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Sadhuguru's Save Soil Campaign

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Sadhguru To Reach Mysore On June 19 As Part Of 'Save Soil' Campaign

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev is expected to visit Karnataka's Mysore on June 19. He will address a public meeting at around 7:30 pm. Sadhguru began the 100-day solo motorcycle mission for the 'Save Soil' campaign in March. Beginning the 30,000 km ride in London, Sadhguru reached India on May 29. Indian Navy received him with a rousing welcome, as the band played Save Soil Anthem at Kutch, Gujarat.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi

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PM Narendra Modi To Attend 'Save Soil Movement' Program On World Environment Day

Prime Minister Narendra Modi to join a "Save Soil Movement" event at Delhi's Vigyan Bhawan on June 5 in commemoration of World Environment Day. The "Save Soil Movement" is a global movement to raise awareness about declining soil health and encourage a deliberate reaction to enhance it. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev launched the campaign in March by embarking on a 100-day motorbike ride that took him through 27 nations.

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Sadhguru's NEw book on Karma

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Sadhguru's Book 'Karma: A Yogi's Guide To Crafting Your Destiny' Released

Spiritual enthusiast Sadhguru released his new book 'Karma: A Yogi's Guide To Crafting Your Destiny' on April 27. Published by Penguin Random House, the book sheds light on misunderstood topics of Karma and emphasizes its application in lives. Besides, detailing insights about Karma, Sadhguru opens commentary about its uses in enriching inner growth and freedom. Celebrities including Will Smith and Tom Brady have shared their thoughts on the… read-more

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Rapper Taboo, Sadhguru Hint Collaboration For Seminar

American Rapper Jamie Luis Gomez, popularly known as Taboo, hinted a collaboration with Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, founder of Isha Foundation, for a seminar in a hip-hop show. The rapper during a recent interaction with Sadhguru revealed about the journey he made after his cancer treatments to heal himself. They also discussed about the 'wisdom of native Americans' and their concerns for environment.

Fri, 16 Oct 2020 - 08:00 PM / by Sakshi Amrutkar

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