Hyderabad Wins World Green City 2022 Award

Photo: The Indian Express

Hyderabad Wins World Green City Award, Only Indian City To Win Title

Telangan's Capital, Hyderabad secured 'World Green City" title at the International Association of Horticulture Producers (AIPH) World Green City Awards 2022 held in Jeju, South Korea. As per sources, Hyderabad is the only Indian city to make it to the list of World's Green City and win the award. With this, Hyderabad beat cities like Paris, Mexico City, Montreal, Fortaleza and Bogota to be adjudged the grand winner.

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Courtesy: The Indian Express

USS Ronald Reagen

Photo: The Japan Times

US’ Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carrier, South Korean Warships Engage In New Drills Amid Rising Tensions With North Korea

US’ nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan along with South Korean warships launched a new round of naval drills on October 7. The drills are being carried out in Korean Peninsula. This has come a day after North Korea fired more ballistic missiles and flew warplanes in an escalation of tensions. We will continue to be ready to “respond to any provocations by North Korea,” said a South Korean statement.

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North Korean Missile

Photo: BBC

North Korea Fires 2 Short-Ranged Ballistic Missiles Ahead Of Kamala Harris’ Visit To South Korea

North Korea has fired two short-ranged ballistic missiles ahead of US Vice President Kamala Harris’ visit to South Korea, on September 28. The news was confirmed by South Korea’s military and Japanese officials. According to South Korean military, the missiles were fired from the Sunan area in Pyongyang. Reportedly, the missiles flew “around 360 kms at the speed of Mach 6, at an altitude of 30 kms”.

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Typhoon Hinnamnor

Photo: Al Jazeera

Typhoon Hinnamnor: 20,000 Homes Left Without Power In South Korea

Typhoon Hinnamnor has hit southern regions of South Korea, unleashing violent winds and rains on September 6. In wake of which, thousands are evacuated to safety. The typhoon which is considered to be one of the deadliest in a few years, destroyed trees and roads, leaving as many as 20,000 homes without power. Government has put the nation on alert, and has issued warnings on floods, landslides and tidal waves.

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Flags of US and S Korea

Photo: Reuters

US & Korea Begin Joint Military Exercises: Ulchi Freedom Shield

The United States of America and South Korea have begun joint military exercises, titled ‘Ulchi Freedom Shield’, on August 22. The Ulchi Freedoms Shield has been revived after four years due to the rising tensions in Asian region. The joint exercise also include field training. The drills will reported be carried out till September 1. Reportedly, around thirteen combined training programs have been planned.

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South Korea lunar orbiter

Photo: SpaceNews

South Korea Launches 1st Lunar Orbiter On SpaceX Rocket

South Korea deployed its first lunar orbiter as it ramps up its space projects with the goal of landing a probe on the moon by 2030. It took out from Florida's Cape Canaveral U.S. Space Force Station aboard SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket. South Korea hopes to become the world's seventh lunar explorer, and the fourth in Asia, after China, Japan, and India, with Danuri.

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COVID Vaccine

Photo: Reuters

South Korea Approves country's First Domestically Produced COVID-19 Vaccine 'SKYcovione'

South Korea has approved the country's first domestically developed COVID-19 vaccine for administering, on June 29. The country's health ministry said that the domestically produced SKYcovione vaccine builds more immunity than the broadly used AtraZeneca vaccine. The SKYcovione is a two-shot vaccine, which is produced by SK Bioscience, and can now be administered for adults above 18 years of age.

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Internet Explorer tombstone

Photo: LADbible

After Microsoft Shuts Internet Explorer, Fan Makes Tombstone In Its Honor

Microsoft ended complete service of Internet Explorer on June 15, after 27 years. The browser was the first point of access to the internet. In South Korea, a fan, Jung Ki-young, created an Internet Explorer gravestone. He spent a month and 430,000 won ($330) creating and commissioning a gravestone with Explorer's "e" logo and the English epitaph: "He was a good tool to download other browsers" to mourn its demise.

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Photo: Sunshine News

North Korea Deploys 3 Ballistic Missiles Into East Sea

North Korea launched three ballistic missiles into the East Sea on May 25, one of which seemed to be an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). Military officials believe the missile fired is the North's newest Hwasong-17 ICBM. In retaliation to North Korea's missile test, South Korea and the United States launched Hyunmoo-II ballistic missile and an Army Tactical Missile System missile into the East Sea to demonstrate their swift strike… read-more

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Missile being fired

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North Korea Launches 3 Ballistic Missiles: Seoul's military

North Korea fired three ballistic missiles, stated Seoul's military on May 12. The launch marks the nuclear-armed country's 16th this year. It comes hours after Pyongyang confirmed the country's first-ever cases of Covid-19. The launch was also confirmed by Japan's defence ministry, and the country's coastguard issued a warning to sailors that "North Korea appears to have launched a missile."

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