Pannun-Canadian PM

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Pannun's Air India Threat: Indian Authority In Talks With Canadian Govt

After Sikhs for Justice (SFJ’s) counsel Gurpatwant Singh Pannun shared a threatening video regarding Air India flight, the Indian Government asked the Canadian counterpart and sought security for the airline. Notably, two days back, Pannun shared a video asking Sikhs not to fly by Air India, on November 19, as Pannun called for a ‘Global blockade’ of the airline from Vancouver to London. The flight is expected to be terminated.

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India Canada

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Canada Forced To Withdraw 41 Diplomats From India

Canada said Thursday it had withdrawn 41 diplomats from India -- fallout from a bitter row over the killing of a Khalistani terrorist on Canadian soil. India planned to "unethically" revoke diplomatic immunity for all but 21 of Canada's diplomats and their families by October 20, forcing Ottawa to pull out the others, Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly said. "We have facilitated their safe departure from India."

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"If Allegations Are Proven True...": Canada Minister Amid Row With India

Amid the ongoing Canada v/s India row, the Canadian Defence Minister has called his country's ties with India "important". He, however, also said that his country wants a thorough investigation into the allegations of the Khalistani Nijjar row, and said,""If the allegations are proven true, there is a very significant concern that Canada will have with respect to the violation of our sovereignty."

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US Spokesperson

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US Says 'No Special Exemption' To India Amid Terrorist's Killing Worsens

The US on September 21, said it had been in constant contact with India and Canada amid escalating diplomatic tensions between New Delhi and Ottawa over the latter's allegations of the killing of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar on Canadian soil. "I am not going to get into the private diplomatic conversations that have either already happened or going to happen on this topic." said Joe Biden administration.

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Jailed Gangster Bishnoi Takes Claim Of Sukhdool Singh Murder

Jailed gangster Lawrence Bishnoi today claimed responsibility for the killing of Khalistani terrorist Sukhdool Singh in Canada. Sukhdool, also known as Sukha Duneke, was killed last night in Canada in inter-gang violence. Duneke was part of the Khalistan movement in Canada. Duneke was a "Category A" gangster from Punjab's Moga.

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Military Border

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Indian Army Says India-Canada Tussle Will Have No Impact On Bilateral Military Engagements

The latest diplomatic row between India and Canada will not impact bilateral military engagement and the Canadian Army will take part in the conclave of the Indo-Pacific army chiefs in Delhi next week, a senior Indian Army official said on September 20. The Indian Army is hosting the conclave on September 26-27 with an aim to evolve a common strategy to ensure peace, prosperity and stability in the Indo-Pacific.

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Canada MEA

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India Summons Canadian High Commissioner Amid Nijjar Row

India summoned Canadian High Commissioner Cameron MacKay after the Justin Trudeau's allegation resulted in a massive escalation in the tension between the two countries. "Any involvement of a foreign government in the killing of a Canadian citizen on Canadian soil is an unacceptable violation of our sovereignty. It is contrary to the fundamental rules by which free, open, and democratic societies conduct themselves," Justin Trudeau told an… read-more

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India V/S Canada

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Indian Govt Expels Canadian Diplomat Amid Row Over Nijjar Killing

 India, on September 19 rejected as "absurd and motivated" Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's charge that it played a role in the June killing of a Khalistani terrorist. India and Canada also expelled each other's diplomats over the issue. Furthermore, India summoned Canadian High Commissioner Cameron MacKay this morning after the Prime Minister's allegation indicated a massive escalation in the tension between the two… read-more

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Shri Bhagavad Gita Park

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Shri Bhagavad Gita Park Opened In Canada’s Brampton City

The Brampton City Municipal Corporation in Canada has named a park by the name ‘Shri Bhagavad Gita Park’, which is spread over 3.75 acres of land. The park will reportedly have sculptures of Krishna and Arjun on a chariot, along with some other deities. Commenting on this, Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar said that this park will become symbolic in further spreading the message of universal brotherhood love and harmony.

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Swaminarayan Temple

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Swaminarayan Temple In Canada Vandalised; Anti-Indian Slogans Scribbled On Walls

The Swaminarayan temple situated in Canada’s Toronto has been vandalised, with anti-Indian slogans scribbled on the walls of the temple. Following the incident, the Indian High Commission condemned the incident and urged Canadian authorities to take prompt actions. A video which took rounds on social media, shows the slogan “Khalistan Zindabad” spray painted on the walls of the temple.

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