Oksana Marchenko and her husband

Photo: Oksana Marchenko/Facebook

Wife Of Captured Putin Ally Begs Zelensky For Husband's Release

Days after Ukrainian authorities arrested Viktor Medvedhuk, the closest ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, his celebrity wife has appealed to President Zelensky for his immediate release. She has also alleged physical and mental torture from the Ukrainian officials, and referred to her husband as a "political prisoner." His wife Oksana Marchenko has served as the host on 'X-Factor Ukraine' in the past.

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Joe Biden

Photo: The White House

US May Announce Fresh Military Aid Package To Ukraine Amid Conflict

The Biden-led US administration is expected to announce a fresh military aid package worth $750 million to the war-torn Ukraine amid Russian invasion. The new package would likely include protective suits, howitzer cannons, among other weapons, to help Ukraine amid this ongoing conflict. The new package is particularly focussed on providing assistance to the embattled Ukrainian forces in the eastern Donbas region. However, the package has not… read-more

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Exterro founder Bobby Balachandran

Photo: The Business Journals

Over 400 Firms Stop Business Activities In Russia Over US Sanctions

As a result of US Sanctions on Russia, around 400 firms have decided to curtail their business activities in the country. Founder of Exterro, Bobby Balachandran, expressed his grief towards the people of Ukraine. To date, several Ukrainians have fled the country as war hits the second month. Describing the situation in Ukraine as "very sad", Balachandran said, "our heart goes to people who are impacted by the conflict."

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Chernobyl power plant

Photo: India Today

Ukraine: Russia Destroys Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant's Lab

Russian forces have destroyed a functioning laboratory in Chernobyl nuclear power plant, as per reports on March 22. The Ukrainian state agency revealed that the lab encompassing "highly active samples of radionuclides" (unstable atoms of chemical  elements that release radiation), are now in the "wrong hands". Reportedly, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant was seized by Russian forces at the beginning of the war. 

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Russian and Ukrainian delegates

Photo: NY Times

Russia & Ukraine Have Come Closer To Agreement, Says Russian Delegation

Russia and Ukraine have come closer to an agreement, according to Vladimir Medinsky, head of the Russian negotiators. Medinsky stated that Russia and Ukraine are "half-way" there, in "demilitarizing" Ukraine. Reportedly, the issue has been narrowed down to Ukraine dropping its bid from joining NATO. "The issue of neutral status and no NATA membership for Ukraine is one of the key issues in talks," said Medinsky.

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International Court of Justice

Photo: Firstpost

Indian Judge Votes Against Russian Invasion Of Ukraine At ICJ

The US on March 16, welcomed an order of International Court of Justice that directed Russia to hault its military operations in Ukraine. About 13 judges voted against the Russian invasion including Indian Justice Dalveer Bhandari, while two voted against the court order. Judge Xue Hanqin from china opposed the court's order. The court took note of the material damages caused by Russia to the buildings and infrastructure in Ukraine.

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Ukraine war hit city

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Ukraine Health Crisis Worsens; To Run Out Of Clean Water & Medicines

Russia's invasion of Ukraine is getting worse due to the horrifying attacks, which has given rise to a health crisis. COVID-19 testing in Ukraine has declined from February 24, according to Nature. With a shortage of clean drinking water, diarrhoea is likely to spread at a faster rate in Ukraine. People with AIDS are projected to not have over a month's supply of medicines.

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Foreign minister of India

Photo: The Economic Times

Foreign Minister To Issue Statement Over Ukraine-Russia Conflict On March 15

India's foreign minister will be discussing the Ukraine-Russia war crisis on March 15. With the ongoing war, India had made an initiative to bring the students back to India. PM Modi already had a high-level meeting on March 13 for the crisis. Many political leaders including Tamil Nadu CM M K Stalin have allowed the students to continue their students here back in India. 

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Ukraine families leaving their country

Photo: Euro news

Humanitarian Support Decreasing Every Day In Ukraine: Russia-Ukraine Invasion

Humanitarian support towards Ukraine has been decreasing at a crucial rate. Nealy1,506, civilian casualties and more than 2.3 million people crossing the international border were reported between February 24 to March 9.  Furthermore, at the briefing, the UN Human Rights Commission mentioned, safe passage for people in Ukraine, protection and food/shelter supplies, ensuring constant communication with a party in the conflict. However, Russia-… read-more

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Left from right is Sainikhesh Ravichandran

Photo: National Dastak

Tamil Nadu Boy Joins Ukraine Forces To Fight Against Russia's Invasion

Sainikhesh Ravichandran, 21-year old boy from Tamil Nadu has joined the fight against Russia after he joined Ukrainian army. Notably, Sainikhesh, after being rejected from the Indian army twice, approached the US consulate in Chennai and finally joined Ukraine Army. Hailing from Thudaliyur, the boy is a student at Kharkiv National University, studying Aerospace engineering, informed Indian Intelligence Bureau. Notably, Sainikhesh's parents… read-more

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