North Korean Missile

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Japan Asks Resident To Take Shelter As North Korean Missile Flies Over Tokyo

In wake of the unidentified ballistic missile fired by North Korea, Japan has asked its residents to take shelter. This has come after the missile flew over Tokyo. Japanese government asked the residents of northernmost main island of Hokkaido and the country’s northeastern prefecture of Aomori to stay inside the buildings. Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno said that the missile flew over Tokyo and fell in the Pacific Ocean.

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North Korea Deploys 3 Ballistic Missiles Into East Sea

North Korea launched three ballistic missiles into the East Sea on May 25, one of which seemed to be an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). Military officials believe the missile fired is the North's newest Hwasong-17 ICBM. In retaliation to North Korea's missile test, South Korea and the United States launched Hyunmoo-II ballistic missile and an Army Tactical Missile System missile into the East Sea to demonstrate their swift strike… read-more

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North Korea Launches 3 Ballistic Missiles: Seoul's military

North Korea fired three ballistic missiles, stated Seoul's military on May 12. The launch marks the nuclear-armed country's 16th this year. It comes hours after Pyongyang confirmed the country's first-ever cases of Covid-19. The launch was also confirmed by Japan's defence ministry, and the country's coastguard issued a warning to sailors that "North Korea appears to have launched a missile."

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Kim Jong-un

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North Korea Fires Projectile Towards Sea Of Japan

North Korea has fired a projectile towards the Sea of Japan. This is the second missile launch in three days. This comes amid speculations that North Korea could conduct a nuclear test this month. Satellite imagery suggests that Pyongyang could be resuming nuclear testing. The US State Department also warned that a nuclear test could take place this month. Joe Biden is expected to raise this issue later this month.

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Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh

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High Level Probe Initiated In Accidental Missile Launch: Rajnath Singh

Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh spoke on the accidental launch of a missile into Pakistan at the Rajya Sabha on March 15.  The Government of India, launched a high-level probe and said, "I would like to inform the House that the government has taken serious note of the incident". Notably, due to technical malfunction, the missile was launched on March 9 and landed in Islamabad but no damage was reported.

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State Department spokesperson Ned Price

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No Indication Firing Of Missile From India Into Pakistan: US

The United States on the recent firing of a missile from India which landed in Pakistan said it was nothing other than accidental. "We have no indication as you also heard from our Indian partners that this incident was anything other than an accident," said State Department spokesperson Ned Price. Furthermore, on March 11, India said due to technical malfunction the accident happened and its "deeply regrettable" incident.

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North Korea Missile test

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North Korea Reveals New Test Towards Reconnaissance Satellite Development

North Korea launched its ninth test on March 5, towards the development of a reconnaissance satellite development. "The DPRK National Aerospace Development Administration (NADA) and the Academy of Defense Science conducted another important test on Saturday under the plan of developing a reconnaissance satellite," said South Korean Yonhap news agency. Earlier, on March 5, North Korea fired a single ballistic missile into the east sea… read-more

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North Korea Launched 9th missile test

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North Korea Launches 9th Missile Test Ahead Of South Korean Presidential Election

Ahead of the South Korean presidential election, North Korea fired a single ballistic missile into the east sea on March 5. According to the Yonhap news agency, it was the country's ninth such test of the year. "Currently, our military is tracking and monitoring movements regarding the possibility of an additional launch," said South Korea's JCS. However, over the missile test, the Japanese government has voiced the protest.

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Missile fired by North Korea

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North Korea Fires Tactical Guided Missiles; Hits Target Island

North Korea has confirmed that the country has test-fired tactical guided missiles on January 17, Yonhap quoted the North's official KCNA. The firing was not attended by North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. "The two tactical guided missiles launched in the western area of the DPRK, precisely hit the target island in the East Sea of Korea," said the KCNA. The North's version of the US's ATACMS KN-24 was test-fired. 

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BrahMos Missile

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India Test-fires Advanced Version Of BrahMos Missile

India successfully test-fired a naval variant of the advanced supersonic BrahMos cruise missile on January 11. The Defence Research and Development Organisation said the missile hit the designated target "precisely", while Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said the successful launch of the missile reconfirmed the robustness of the Indian Navy's "mission readiness". Reportedly, BrahMos Aerospace, an India-Russian joint venture can be launched… read-more

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