Rape Victim Kills Baby

Photo: The Times of India

Rape Survivor Kills 2-Months-Old Baby Amid Frustration: Madhya Pradesh.

In Madhya Pradesh's Indore, a minor rape survivor killed her two-month old baby, due to poverty, confirmed police on June 6. They arrested the accused who confessed to her crime. The Add DCP Rajesh Vyas said "A few days ago, a minor girl was raped after which she gave birth to a child.  She was irked by the child." The police registered a case and an investigation is underway.

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A Family in Afghanistan's Herat

Photo: UN News

Herat Witnesses Surge In Poverty After Taliban Took Over Afghanistan

In the new Taliban regime, Afghanistan's Herat which is considered the third-largest city in the country, reported a high rate of the poverty rate and unemployment. It has affected many people and led them to eat carrots and vegetables as food. "The demands are high. But the assistance of disaster management department is limited,'' said Sayed Habib Rahman Ruhani, head of the provincial disaster management authority.

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Children in Afghanistan.

Photo: Reuters

Starvation In Afghanistan Is At Top: World Food Programme Director

The World Food Programme (WFP) Executive Director David warned the world saying "Afghan people are going to starve. Children are going to die'' if the frozen fund won't be released for humanitarian efforts in Afghanistan. He said the situation under the new regime of the Taliban was going worse. Reportedly, 22.8 million people out of Afghanistan's 39 million population are facing food insecurity and ''marching to starvation''. 

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Runaway Girl

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16 Yr Old Maha Girl Disguises As Boy In Search Of Job, Stays In Bhiwandi

A 16-year-old girl disguised herself as a boy for eight months and landed in Bhiwandi in search of a job amidst the pandemic-imposed lockdown. The girl ran away from her home at Hadapsar in Pune in October 2020. She had cut her hair short, dressed as a boy, and named herself Samir Shaikh to secure menial jobs for money. The police found her identity and returned her to her mother.

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Farmer spraying insecticide on crops

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2 of 5 Plant Species On Verge Of Extinction: Royal Botanical Garden Report

A Report by the Royal Botanical Garden, Kew, warned 40% of the plant species are on near-extinction, owing to environmental destruction. The Study cites deforestation, invasive species and climate change as the major factors behind the issue. Prof. Antonelli, Director of the Royal Botanical Garden, said, “we are losing species faster than we can find and name them.” Reportedly, just 15 plants provide 90% of all calories.

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