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New Zealand Tables Law Asking Financial Firms To Consider Climate Risks

In a historic move, New Zealand on April 13 introduced a legislation that will mandate financial firms to chalk out plans related to climate-related risks and opportunities. Reportedly, banks, insurers, and wealth management firms listed on the country's stock exchange will now have to report about how their investments are impacting the climate. With this initiative, the country aims to achieve the net-zero carbon emissions goal by 2050. … read-more

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Climate Change: Weakened La Niña Likely To Make March-May Warmer

As some Indian states faced 5-7 degree increased temperature during January-February, the India Meteorological Department has alarmed various regions of the country for the same during March-May. The IMD cited the climate change and said the cooling phase of the El Niño Southern Oscillation cycle, La Niña, has substantially faded, prompting an increase in global temperature. Experts included north-west, north-east, and parts of central and… read-more

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Australia To House World's First Platypus Sanctuary Near Sydney

Australia will soon build the world's first sanctuary housing platypuses to support their breeding and rehabilitation, considering their nearing extinction provoked by climate change. Reportedly, the concerns about platypus escalated in light of the damage caused by the recent bushfires. The Taronga Conservation Society and the New South Wales government have vowed to establish the refuge by 2022 at a zoo near Sydney. With ponds and burrows,… read-more

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Climate Change Induced Factors Pose Risk On Indian Banks' $84Bn Debt

A recent report revealed that extreme weather poses a risk of over Rs 6.19 trillion at the Indian banks. The report cites major allocations by the banks to cement, coal, oil and power sector business which face peril of being affected by climate change induced cyclones, floods etc. Moreover, listing the proportional effects of erratic weather and eco-sensitive business on loan repayments, the study exposed the over-reliance and climate… read-more

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Polar Bears

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Climate Change Force Polar Bears To Spend 4-Times Energy For Prey

Owing to climate change-induced glacier melting in the Arctic, the polar bears and narwhals now require four times as much energy to hunt for survival. A study published in the Journal of Experimental Biology discovered that sea-ice loss is forcing the cold-climate mammals to conserve themselves rigorously as killer whales have infiltrated the previously ice-locked ocean stretches. Reportedly, the diet alterations have forced the ‘sit-and-… read-more

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Ice melting in ocean

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Ice Melting Rate Accelerated By 57% Than Pre-Industrial Times: Study

A recent climate study has revealed the melting rate of the earth's ice has accelerated by 57% compared to mid-1990s. Moreover, the report mentioned that approximately 28 trillion metric ton of sea ice had melted away. While the global atmospheric temperature rose by 1.1-degree Celsius since pre-industrialisation, the warming rate in the Arctic doubled the global average in the last three decades. Besides, the report highlighted sea-ice… read-more

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India 7th Worst Affected Nation Due To Climate Change: Germanwatch

Environmental think tank Germanwatch, in its Climate Risk Index 2021, has ranked India seventh among worst affected nations due to climate change. It cited adverse events such as storms, heat waves and floods in cities due to varying monsoon seasons. Reportedly, eight of the top ten affected countries between 2000-2019 are developing nations. Besides, Germanwatch has raised several concerns regarding climate change just ahead of the Global… read-more

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PM Modi and PM Boris Johnson

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PM Modi Invited To G7; UK PM Johnson Likely To Visit India Before Summit

The United Kingdom government has invited PM Narendra Modi to attend the G7 summit slated for June. Besides India, Australia and South Korea have also been invited to "deepen the expertise and experience around the table." Moreover, a press statement from British PM Boris Johnson's office has indicated that he "will visit India ahead of the G7". Earlier, PM Johnson had cancelled his India visit for R-Day citing new COVID strain.

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Amazon Forest To Vanish By 2064; Report Cites Deforestation, Droughts

In a frightening revelation, the Amazon rainforest is predicted to vanish by 2064 due to the excessive deforestation and droughts in the region. Geologist Robert Walker cited the climate change as the reason and concluded that "Southern Amazonian can expect tipping point sometime before 2064 at the current rate of dry-season lengthening". Reportedly, 1,202 sq. km of the rainforest was destroyed in first four months of 2020, a whopping 55%… read-more

Fri, 08 Jan 2021 - 02:21 PM / by Harsh Vardhan

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Greenhouse gas emission

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EU Revises Climate Goals; Commits To Curb 55% GHG Emissions By 2030

After the culmination of a two-day summit at Brussels, the European Union leaders have agreed to cut the EU’s greenhouse emissions to 55% by 2030 with pre-1990 levels. This commitment will replace the earlier one that aimed at cutting 40% emissions by 2030. The EU members have planned to invest €1.82 trillion for procuring technology and help the member nations. The long-standing deal was finalised after coal-reliant countries pledged their… read-more

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