RAF in flight

Photo: Reuters

UK's Royal Air Force 'Airlifts' 102 People From Afghanistan

The Royal Air Force airlifted 102 stranded Afghans on October 23 who were willing to relocate to the British National. The government looks ahead to support these citizens to begin their lives in Britain. Although many flights have been running since August, this marked the first military relocation of eligible Afghans and British nationals since the end of Kabul evacuation.

Sat, 23 Oct 2021 - 06:50 PM / by SAM RAHUL RAJA…

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New Zealand Couple Discovers World's Largest Potato Weighing 17.4 Lbs

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Taliban Mig

Taliban Plans To Soon Build Its Own Air Force

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Teacher Teaching

Teacher Gets Dismissed After Telling 'Trump Is President': California

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Idol Of Goddess Annapurna Retrieved From Canada, To Be Given To UP Govt

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