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Chinese Companies Haven't Paid Lao Workers For 6 Years: Report

Workers of the Laos community hired by the Chinese companies did not pay wages for six years.  According to reports, workers were hired by the subcontractor of the Namtha 1 Power Company, on a project to construct homes, health centers, offices, roads, and schools, for the people, displaced due to the construction of a dam. "I built a health center five years ago and still haven't been paid", said a worker. 

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Covid-19 test in China.

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Covid-19 Delta Variant Causes New Outbreak In China

Owing to the COVID-19 Delta variant, China is facing its biggest outbreak of coronavirus. Between October 17 and November 14, the country recorded 1,308 domestically transmitted cases in the mainland, reported Reuters. The outbreak has affected so far 21 provinces, regions, and municipalities. To contain the spread of the variant, China closed entertainment and cultural venues. It also imposed restrictions on tourism and public transport in… read-more

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2022 Winter Olympics In Beijing

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US Asks China Not To Restrict Journalists At 2022 Winter Olympics In Beijing

US asked China not to limit access and movement for media covering the Winter Olympics in Beijing next year on November 4. Activists are advocating for a boycott of the games or for US officials to be barred from going because of China's treatment of Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities. The Chinese Foreign Correspondents' Club expressed concern over… read-more

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Lady and a child tensed during the covid restriction in the city

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Beijing Records 9 New Covid-19 Cases; China Tightens Restrictions

China reported a rise in the COVID-19 cases with nine new infections in the national capital, Beijing. The government has taken measures to contain the spread of Coronavirus in the city as a high-level gathering of the communist party has been scheduled next week. Moreover, temperature screening machines have been set up all around the public places, tightening restrictions around the country.

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The universal studio globe in the resort

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Close Contacts of COVID Patients Visit Universal Studios: China

Universal studios theme park in Beijing on October 30 said it ramped up testing of its staff after the health authorities informed that close contacts of the COVID-19 patients visited here on October 24. Reportedly, the resort tested all of its staff and found no traces of the virus. Screening and monitoring took place and… read-more

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China Records Highest Number Of New Covid-19 Cases In 6 Weeks

China on October 30, recorded its highest number of Coronavirus cases in more than six weeks with over 59 cases everyday. As per reports, infections were mostly recorded in the northern part of the country including, Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Beijing and Ningxia. Reportedly, authorities found no new deaths related to COVID-19. Moreover, the… read-more

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Olympic village.


China's Olympic Village To Accept Athletes From Jan 27

The Vice-Chairman of the Olympics Committee for the Beijing Winter Olympics Zhang Jiandong said the players from different counties would be accepted in China's Olympic village from January 27, 2022. He further said the torch relay would be begun from February 2.  The Winter Olympics and the Paralympic Games will start on February 2 and March 4, ending on February 20 and March 13, respectively.  

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Chinese power plant

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China: Power Production Utility Claims 58% Loss In Profits

China on October 27, reported heavy loss in profits due to the surging coal prices. Huadian Power International, a subsidiary of China Huadian Corp, reported that the profits for January- September period dropped 58% which is estimated to be 1.8 billion Yuan. Analysts blame the losses incurred due to an incredible surge in thermal coal prices, along with a high demand of electricity in the country.

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china thermal plant

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China's Coal Shortage Likely To Remain For Few Months: Experts

China's thermal coal future plunged on October 22 following the government's intervention to boost supply and ease the prices of the commodity amid a widespread power crisis. The country has been pushing coal miners to ramp up output and hike imports, thereby, power stations can rebuild stockpiles before winter. However, analysts believe that shortages are likely to persist for at least another few months.

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Chinese flag with five Olympic rings.

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Only Chinese Spectators Allowed In The 2022 Winter Olympics

The Beijing 2022 Organising Committee submitted the Covid-19 countermeasures report for the 2022 Winter Games to the International Olympics Committee (IOC) and International Paralympic Committee (IPC) on September 30. China has only allowed its citizens ''who meet the requirements of Covid-19 countermeasures'' to be the spectators. However, those who're fully unvaccinated by the WHO's standards have to undergo a 21-day quarantine. The games… read-more

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