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China Govt Officials Barred From Using iPhone In Offices

In China, government officials are barred from using iPhones, confirmed sources. The announcement, restricting the use of Apple iPhone for the government officials came on September 6. The ban comes ahead of an Apple event next week that analysts believe will be about launching a new line of iPhones, and could trigger concern among foreign companies operating in China as Sino-U.S. tensions escalate.

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India Politely Refuses Chinese Request Of Bilateral Meeting At BRICS, South Africa

As China claimed that PM Narendra Modi's meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the BRICS meeting in South Africa took place on India's request, top government sources refuted it and said there was a "pending request from the Chinese side". The Government sources said, "There was a pending request from the Chinese side for a bilateral meeting." However, PM Modi had an informal conversation with his Chinese counterpart.

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Chinese comedian

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Chinese Comedian Troupe Slapped Fine Of 14.7 Million Yuan

In a shocking incident, a Chinese comedy group has been fined 14.7 million yuan ($2.1 million; £1.7 million) for making a joke about the military that referenced a slogan used by President Xi Jinping. The comedian's remark, comparing the behavior of their dogs to military conduct, angered the authorities. Shanghai Xiaoguo Culture Media Co and comedian Li Haoshi were accused of "humiliating the people's army" by the authorities.

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Chinese Govt

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China To Send Special Envoy To Ukraine From May 15

China will send a special envoy to Ukraine, Russia and other European nations from Monday to discuss a “political settlement” to the war in Ukraine. Notably, the special convoys sending decision was taken by the Chinese Government to discuss a political statement. From May 15, Ambassador Li Hui, a special representative of the Chinese government for Eurasian Affairs, will visit Ukraine, Poland, France, Germany and Russia, said China.

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US Fighter Jet

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US Fighter Jet Shot Down Unidentified Object

A US fighter jet shot down an unidentified object drifting high over Alaska. The incident occurred just six days after the US fighter jet shot down a Chinese spy balloon, which created a rift between the United States and the Chinese government. Confirming the shot down of an unidentified object, floating 40,000 feet high, White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said it was a threat to civil aviation.

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Spy Balloon

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US Shoots Down Chinese Spy Balloon, Impacts China-Washington Relation

US fighter jet F-22 Raptor fired a missile and downed a suspected spy balloon from China, confirmed local sources. The US Navy is currently conducting recovery operations, with the Coast Guard assisting in securing the area. Meanwhile, the operation has seriously impacted and damaged" relations of China with Washington, said the Chinese Government. Meanwhile, with this shooting down spy balloon, a danger in the US has been avoided.

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LeT Terrorists

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China Blocks Proposal Of US-India To List LeT Makki As Global Terrorist

In a move against US-India, China has blocked the move to list Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) leader Abdul Rehman Makki as a global terrorist at the UN Security Council. The Chinese government placed a technical hold. Notably, US-India proposed to list Makki under the UN Security Council sanctions regime, and circulated same to 15 members of the council’s Al-Qaeda and ISIL Sanctions Committee. The hold will be in effect for six-months… read-more

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Chinese President

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Beijing Imposes New Curbs On Conferences Amid Covid-19 Outbreak

Beijing imposed new restrictions to deal with the deadly Covid-19 outbreak in the city. On May 31, the Chinese authorities announced new curbs on events and conferences in the Capital City of China. In a media briefing Pang Xinghuo, Vice-Director at the Beijing Center for Disease Prevention and Control said, "Conferences and events should be held via video whenever possible, and the size of offline events should be minimised".

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Arindam Bagchi

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Indian Envoy To Boycott Opening & Closing Ceremony Of Beijing Winter Olympics 2022

Arindam Bagchi, spokesperson of the MEA, on February 3, confirmed not to attend opening and closing ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022. Disappointed with the torchbearer post, given to honour official commander involved in 2020 Galwan Valley clash, the Indian envoy decided to boycott the event. Taking a dig at the Chinese Government, Bagchi said, "Regrettable that China has chosen to politicise Olympics". 

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Metal Boxes For Quarantine in China

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China Imposes Strict 'Zero COVID-19 Policy'; Forced Quarantine In 'Metal Boxes'

The Chinese Government imposed a strict "Zero COVID-19 Policy" rule. As per social media videos, suspected COVID-19 cases are forced to quarantine in metal boxes. Buses have been organised to take people to these metal box houses for quarantine facilities. Furthermore, whether it's elderly people, children or pregnant woman, no one have been exempted from staying in these crammed boxes. Notably, China will hold Winter Olympics next month in… read-more

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